What’s wrong with the Vision AMG showcar’s light signature

Mercedes-AMG must, like all automotive brands, reinvent itself to find its place in increasingly electrified mobility. Through this showcar, the brand tries to show that it is ready to take up the challenge. But we will still have to work on the copy.

AMG will not be able to escape the electrification of its range, it is a fact, and the brand is actively preparing for it to be ready from 2025. On May 19, 2022, AMG offered a first glimpse of how the brand plans for its 100% electric future. If several technical elements seem interesting on this concept, some design details do not really arouse the same enthusiasm.

We take this opportunity to remind you that the showcar is not systematically intended to become a prototype, then a production vehicle. It is often a style study that serves as a test, and from which certain future models will draw inspiration.

What is this luminous signature?

The silhouette of this showcar is rather athletic and seems to correspond to the DNA of AMG in its more elegant than muscular orientations. In terms of size, this Vision AMG concept is 5.1 meters long for a wheelbase of 3 meters. We find there a little the dimensions of the AMG GT, in a vision much more lifted. In any case, the vehicle looks like a 100% electric 4-door coupe.

Mercedes-AMG Vision AMG // Source: Mercedes-AMG

We feel that the aerodynamics have been worked on to create as little turbulence as possible. Until the design of the rims, which seem to incorporate some kind of valves. Certain elements remind us of the VISION EQXX concept, and its range record is still fresh in our memories.

On the other hand, if we understand the general idea of ​​the lines of this showcar, its luminous signature comes like a hair in the soup. We can guess that the LED lights represent a star on the front side, the vertical LEDs must recall the grille of the old models, but the whole thing seems to be like bad makeup. At the rear, the position of the circular lights at the bottom, located almost in the diffuser, could give the impression of exhausts, which makes no sense. AMG suddenly seems hesitant to turn the page on the past to project itself into the future.

Mercedes-AMG Vision AMG // Source: Mercedes-AMG
Mercedes-AMG Vision AMG // Source: Mercedes-AMG

A new platform called AMG.EA

We are developing everything from the ground up, from the dedicated AMG.EA platform to the revolutionary powertrain technology with which we will take performance electric mobility to a whole new level. says Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

It is too early to have all the information on this new architecture. Mercedes simply says it will be a high-voltage, high-performance platform, likely running at 800 volts like the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-Tron GT do. We also learn that the model will be equipped with the new axial flow engine, developed by YASA, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mercedes group. The brand specifies that thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the axial motor can provide significantly more power than conventional electric motors.

Mercedes-AMG Vision AMG // Source: Mercedes-AMG

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