WhatsApp gives you more time to delete messages you regret

WhatsApp has increased the message deletion time for all members of a group. Previously, it was one hour. Now, it goes to two and a half days. More precisely 60 hours.

From one hour to two and a half days

The new option properties Delete for all were announced by WhatsApp via its Twitter account.

“Are you thinking about your message? Now you’ll have just over two days to delete your messages from your chats after hitting send.” whatsapp writing.

Previously, users had one hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds to delete a “for everyone” message. According to WABeta, WhatsApp had been testing extending this deadline since July through its beta program. A seven-day limit was also tested at one point.

15 minutes for Apple

Along the same lines, Apple introduced in the beta version of iOS 16, slated for release this fall, the ability to edit or delete sent iMessages in its Messages app.

Regarding the time limit, the firm at the apple preferred to opt for a period of 15 minutes to correct spelling errors or to delete a message sent in haste. To delete or edit a sent message, the user must long press on the message. A menu is then displayed, with the option Edit Where Stop sending.

On the side of Signal, a direct competitor to WhatsApp, users have three hours to delete a message for everyone in a group.

Telegram, on the other hand, does not provide a time limit for this feature.

Other novelties

WABeta reported in May that WhatsApp was also testing a feature allowing a group admin to delete a message for all group members.

Another practical change, WhatsApp released in July a tool to transfer data when switching from an Android device to an iPhone (or vice versa), as long as you keep the same phone number.


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