WhatsApp: How to dictate messages with Siri or Google Assistant


In WhatsApp you can also send text messages simply using Google voice input and Siri or using the dictation function. Netzwelt shows how you can easily dictate texts.

Whether driving or for convenience – writing WhatsApp messages using dictation is a practical alternative in many situations thanks to the good speech recognition.

Especially with longer WhatsApp messages, it can be worth dictating the message into the smartphone. The speech recognition is now excellent when the pronunciation is clear, and it makes it much faster to write longer text messages.

On Android and iOS you can use voice input for WhatsApp messages in two ways. Either you use the Google Assistant via “OK Google” and enter the desired contact or you ask Siri to send a WhatsApp message. You can also activate the dictation function via your smartphone keyboard in an open WhatsApp chat.

You can also have WhatsApp messages written with the digital assistant sent by voice command. However, the recognition sometimes does not work with complicated names or contacts that have not been saved properly with unique names.

If you dictate WhatsApp messages directly in Messenger, you don’t have this problem, but you can’t avoid some finger inputs. We will introduce you to all the options step by step.

On the iPhone, you can use Siri to dictate WhatsApp messages instead of the Google Assistant. Below we will show you how to do this.

Dictate WhatsApp message with Siri

  1. Send WhatsApp message with Siri Send WhatsApp message with Siri

    To send a message in WhatsApp via Siri, press and hold the side button or home button on iPhone. Then you simply say “Send WhatsApp message to

But you can also dictate a WhatsApp message on iPhone and Android phones without a voice assistant, like this:

What about Alexa?

WhatsApp works with Siri and the Google Assistant. But what about Amazon Alexa? Unfortunately, there is no official skill for the language assistant of the mail order company. However, Alexa can still be connected to WhatsApp via unofficial channels, but you risk having your account blocked.

With WhatsApp you can also use a trick to send automatic replies to certain messages and contacts.

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