WhatsApp: Messenger is testing new design – that’s all changing


The WhatsApp messenger is testing a new look on iPhone and Android phones. We’ll tell you what changes you have to prepare for.

  • WhatsApp has been testing a new design for months.
  • On the iPhone, this apparently changes the accent color from blue to green.
  • On Android devices, among other things, the menu bar is being repositioned.

The appearance of the WhatsApp messenger has been receiving a general overhaul since August 2023. The messenger is gradually rolling out a new design. So far, this has primarily affected the Android app. But you now have to prepare for changes on the iPhone too. The search query “WhatsApp green instead of blue” is currently trending on Google. You can also find them on X (formerly Twitter). Postings on the topic.

This suggests that Messenger is testing a change to the user interface with more and more devices. Previously, blue served as an accent color in the iPhone app. For example, selected menu items were stored in the control bar. Now the messenger is apparently relying on green. Which seems logical since the WhatsApp logo is also green.

Accent color changeable

However, WhatsApp will apparently give you the choice of accent color. In the latest beta version for iOS, you can choose between five accent colors, according to the usually well-informed fan blog WABetaInfo. In addition to green and blue, this also includes black, violet and red.

By the way, green as an accent color could already be seen in screenshots that WABetaInfo published in October 2023. They show further changes to the design of the app that are apparently planned.

In addition to changing the accent color, WhatsApp is also planning to remove the “Settings” option from the control bar at the bottom. It will be replaced by your profile picture. However, you can still access the settings menu via this point. But this would change significantly.

According to the report, your profile can now be seen centered at the top under the search bar. Below you have three buttons that take you directly to the privacy settings, to your profile or to your contacts. As usual, below you will find a list of further options. However, the icons for these have been revised and now appear more modern. You can check out the new design in the screenshot below.

WhatsApp is also testing a new design for the app on the iPhone. (Source: WhatsApp, WABetaInfo; Montage: Netzwelt)

Head area in new color and with new functions

Further changes could soon follow, which are already being tested on Android devices. According to the fan blog WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will also revise the header area of ​​the app above the chat list. This is currently still colored green on Android devices. Soon it will also shine in white or black – depending on whether you have dark mode activated or not.

Only the WhatsApp lettering itself should be green. In the future, however, this will appear in a bolder font. The magnifying glass as a symbol for the search function and quick access to the camera are retained.

On the left you can see the old WhatsApp design, on the right what the app will soon look like.

On the left you can see the old WhatsApp design, on the right what the app will soon look like. (Source: WABetaInfo; Montage: Netzwelt)

WhatsApp also offers direct access to certain filters in the header area. So you can only display unread chats, only private chats or business chats. Currently, WhatsApp chats can only be filtered for unread messages. However, this filter option is currently only available after clicking on the magnifying glass symbol and is therefore completely unknown to many. According to WABetaInfo, at least the filters should also be included in the iOS app above the chat list.

More changes in the Android app

The changes in the Android app are even bigger. Other changes here include, for example, moving the menu bar to the bottom edge like in iOS.

Test new design

It is still unclear when the new design will be rolled out for all accounts. So far, it has been available for Android phones since beta version On iOS devices, it should also be displayed in the regular app for some users. If you want to try out the new design now, you can register for the WhatsApp beta.

We’ll explain how you have to do this in the linked article. Please note, however, that installing the beta version does not guarantee that you will receive the new design. WhatsApp also tests some features in the beta only with selected people.

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