WhatsApp unlocks new status feature for selected users

WhatsApp wants to make the messenger’s already popular status function even better. The company is probably planning to introduce several innovations at once, as has recently happened in other areas. First users can access it.

WhatsApp status gets reactions

Update from August 08, 2022: WhatsApp has unlocked WhatsApp status update reactions for a few beta testers. If you have installed the latest beta version of Android, you can simply test whether you are there. You have to look at a status and swipe up. If emojis appear, you’re in. According to WABetaInfo, however, the rollout is not large. You must be lucky.

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WhatsApp recently introduced reactions to regular messages, pictures, and videos. Instead of writing a message as a reply, you can simply mark a post and reply to it with a selected emoji. The status should have exactly the same function (source: WABetaInfo). In the future, you will simply be able to react to a contact’s status with an emoji. In the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, there are a total of eight emojis to choose from that you can use. So you don’t have to react to a status with text, you can simply send an emoji.

However, this emoji is actually sent as a message to the person who posted the status. Actually, we would have expected that the recipient would be shown that the status was reacted to, but the emoji is simply attached in the status overview, as you know it from Facebook. Since the WhatsApp function is currently still under development, this can of course still change for the final release. You can’t try the feature yourself at the moment. However, it will be available for both Android and iOS users.

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WhatsApp status with voice messages

WhatsApp currently seems to be very concerned about the status function of the messenger. It was only recently announced that WhatsApp would like to allow voice messages in the status. You could then not only share text, photos, videos and GIFs in the status, but also normal voice messages. As a result, the function should of course attract even more users, because voice messages are used very frequently in Messenger. This would make it much easier to reach many people than with text or video. Again, it is not yet known when the feature will be introduced.

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