WhatsApp will allow you to write to yourself

WhatsApp has started rolling out a feature allowing you to chat with yourself, reports TechCrunch. Odd ? No, very practical! Because sending messages to your own account can be a good way to keep information easily accessible, right next to your other WhatsApp conversations.

In fact, many Slack users write to themselves via their private messages (PM). And the others send each other e-mails or write down their races in the note-taking application on their smartphone.

Called “Message yourself”, this feature will therefore allow users to send each other notes, reminders and shopping lists on WhatsApp.

Skip the workaround

Meta’s instant messaging app said the new feature will roll out to all of its Android and iPhone users in the coming weeks. But it was first tested with a few beta testers at the end of October.

To be able to use this new feature, all you have to do is consult your contact list when creating a new discussion on WhatsApp. The contact will then appear at the very top of the list. To be able to send a message to himself, the user will then simply have to select this contact.

Note that some WhatsApp users have already been using a workaround for some time to benefit from the same functionality. Because it is possible to send messages using the “Click to chat” function of the application. Users can also pin their self-chat messages to the top of the conversations list, to avoid searching for the conversation among the many others that exist.

Signal and Telegram offer the same

WhatsApp rival Signal has a feature called “Note to Me” that addresses the same use case. However, unlike WhatsApp’s new feature, which will be accessible at the top of the app’s contact list, Signal doesn’t suggest your own profile at the top of the recipient list. Users must find and select the “Note to me” contact entry to use the feature.

Telegram also offers a similar feature, called “Saved Messages”. It allows users to bookmark important messages and save their notes and reminders for later access. Once saved, messages are accessible at the top of the chat screen. However, Telegram users must first access this feature by tapping the hamburger menu on Android or the settings menu on iOS.

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