When AI zooms out on iconic photos, it sparks debate

AI technology, like Adobe’s Firefly, blurs the line between human creation and artificial intelligence, sparking debate about the role of AI in art and creation. Photoshop’s Generative Fill tool, for example, makes it easy to generate fictional objects and backgrounds in photos, by enlarging and extending iconic images from popular movies, people, and memes.

Source: Frandroid/Photoshop Generative Fill

Art has always been a sacred space for human expression. This is an area that has long been left untouched by machine intrusion. But today, with the rise of AI technologies like Adobe’s Firefly, the line between human creation and artificial intelligence is blurring. It’s a new challenge for creatives who must now fight to claim their place in a field that was previously reserved for them.

As you have certainly seen, thanks to the new Generative Fill tool in Photoshop, it has become even easier to generate fake objects and backgrounds on photos. Obviously, it’s funnier when it comes to famous images.

Generative Fill zooms out

How Generative Fill works is simple: draw an area around a photo and ask it to fill it in whatever way it feels is most consistent. Generative Fill users have started sharing their creations on social media. Shared images show iconic scenes from famous movies and popular memes expanded and expanded with the tool.

Source: Numerama/Photoshop Generative Fill

For example, Numerama, the media specializing in digital news from the same group as Frandroid, tested Generative Fill by enlarging the famous meme of Pepe Silvia, a character from the television series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia“, as well as images of”Elden Ring” And “Zelda Tears of the Kingdom“. Although the quality of detail varies, the results are impressive in terms of intelligence and clarity.

Source: Frandroid/Photoshop Generative Fill

Inspired by Numerama’s experience, we decided to play the game using Generative Fill to explore behind the scenes of some of the world’s most famous geeks. From Apple CEO Tim Cook to Meta co-founder Mark Zuckerberg to YouTube tech influencer Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, we have “zoomed outto reveal hypothetical, expanded backgrounds from their best-known photos.

Source: Frandroid/Photoshop Generative Fill

Is AI a tool that enriches creation, or a force that distorts and devalues ​​art?

Some see it as a desacralization of art, while others are fascinated by the possibilities of AI in the field of art and creation. These divergent reactions illustrate the ongoing debate on the place of AI in art and creation.

Is AI a tool that enriches creation, or a force that distorts and devalues ​​art? What is certain is that AI is here to stay, and its impact on artistic creation will only increase in the future. Whether this is seen as a threat or an opportunity will depend on how we choose to embrace and adapt to these changes.

What is certain is that Generative Fill has opened up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to digital creation. Like any technology, its use will no doubt be controversial, but it’s sure to spark our imaginations and push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI and digital art.

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