When all else fails: Last Resort – a power bank with a hand crank


This power bank with hand crank is a power store in the truest sense of the word. If all else fails, you can recharge the battery with muscle power and charge your gadgets.

Power failure – if nothing works, you can always crank. (Source: Yanko Design)

  • The “Last Resort” power bank was designed as an emergency gadget.
  • You can also charge the integrated battery by turning a built-in hand crank.
  • To charge a smartphone, you have to crank it for a long time.

Alternative energy generation via photovoltaics or with the help of wind energy is great – but what if the power goes out in the middle of a windless night and you forgot to charge your power stations?

Then this elegantly designed power bank by designer Pelin Ă–zbalci could help. It not only has an integrated lithium-ion battery, but also a dynamo. With the help of a removable hand crank, you can drive it and generate electricity yourself.

Powerbank Last Resort in pictures

The approach is not new – such devices have been around for quite some time. The problem: It takes a lot of patience to fill up the power storage in this way. It is probably for this reason that neither power banks with integrated solar cells nor those with hand cranks have been able to establish themselves on a broad scale.

That’s probably why there are no technical details for “Last Resort” or indications that sales will start as soon as possible – it’s just a concept. However, the design and implementation look unusually good, so we didn’t want to withhold this special power bank from you.

If you are seriously interested in a backup solution for possible power outages, you should consider buying a solar generator or power station. For example, we have tested different models from Jackery (solar generator 2000 Pro // solar generator 1000 Pro) as well as a powerful motorized power station from Zendure for you. You can read more news from the field of alternative energy production on the linked overview page.

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