When Google rains and shines on the Web with its Core Updates

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June 25, 2022 at 10:12 a.m.

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A wait of almost 6 months will have been necessary to see the first major algorithmic update of the year 2022 in France. It was precisely on May 25 that Google publicly announced on Twitter that it had started the deployment of this important update called May 2022 Core Update.

The American giant has once again reshuffled the cards with this update which will impact search results! But what is the purpose of a Core Update, what exactly has it changed and what are the consequences for businesses on the web? Here is the advice of Foxglove, an SEO agency from Lyon, on the subject.

Algorithm updates: what is it for?

The objective of an update is to make changes to the search engine’s ranking algorithm so that it offers a more qualitative user experience and more relevant search results to its Internet users.

As always, Google announces an update and reveals in broad outline what it concerns while remaining rather vague on the subject. This explains why it is strongly recommended to entrust the monitoring of your site to seasoned experts who have the ability to quickly identify the scope of an update and who know how to react or not depending on the repercussions of the latter.

The deployment of an update to the core of the algorithm, which is therefore a major and impactful update, generally concerns all the sites present on the web. Many sites see a fluctuation in their traffic, which can be either up or down. Either way, this can be completely normal because
the objective of a Google update is to establish a new and fairer classification based on changes in web usage but also and above all on user expectations.

A mistake not to make in the event of a sudden downfall following this type of update would be, for example, to immediately make corrections to try to repair past errors. Unlike a penalty or a manual action, it is not necessarily
need to correct some things. If a site obtains a lower ranking, it does not mean that it has broken certain rules or that certain actions have been put in place with the objective of deceiving Google and that faults must be repaired. There are simply other pages that are more valued in the sense that they meet
better to the new requirements of the search engine.

How to understand the weighting of the new ranking criteria?

One of the missions of an SEO expert is to keep abreast of all developments that directly or indirectly affect his field of expertise. Natural referencing is impacted by very regular changes and therefore requires daily monitoring. SEOs track and analyze these elements with tools to adapt strategies accordingly.

SEO is unquestionably a fundamental channel for controlling the cost of customer acquisition in a context where budgets dedicated to paid campaigns are exploding. The objective of SEO experts, whether internal or agency, is to decipher the algorithms to understand these changes that occur several times a year and in
To take advantage of. For this, many tools are necessary in order to finely analyze the characteristics of the pages which have progressed and those of the pages which have lost positions.

Ultimately, the real question is: who are the big winners and losers from this update? It is still too early to say, even if many sites have indeed already observed more or less significant fluctuations… We will have to wait a few more weeks in order to be able to take stock of the repercussions of this Core Update of May 2022 and the new rules. of the game dictated by Google.

The operation of the most used search engine in the world is in perpetual evolution and is much more complex than a few years ago. For example, the “advice” dimension of e-commerce sites is now an element favored by Google, whereas this was not the case in recent years. It is therefore more crucial than ever to adopt a complete vision of SEO that combines technical and semantic

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