When Jean Dujardin posed for Télé Poche at the start of his career in 1996

On the occasion of Jean Dujardin’s 50th birthday this Sunday, June 19, 2022, Télé Star has decided to bring out of its archives exclusive photos of the Oscar-winning French actor dating from 1996.

One and only French actor to have won the precious Academy Award for Best Actorso far, Jean Dujardin celebrates his 50th birthday on this Sunday, June 19, 2022. As a reminder, the former companion of Alexandra Lamy had been rewarded in 2012 for his role in the cult film by Michel Hazanavicius: The Artist. Since then, Jean Dujardin has established himself as a key player in French cinema. This is an incredible achievement for someone who had started in working life as a construction worker in the company of his father, Jacques Dujardin. Subsequently, Jean Dujardin will embark on comedy by performing in bars and small theaters in Paris.

It’s alongside the actors Philippe Urbain, Eric Collado, Luc Antoni, Eric Massot and Bruno Salomone that Jean Dujardin will begin to stand out within The White Square Band in the 90s, which will later be renamed to become the We C We. This is how he will perform his first appearances on television in the show fiesta of Patrick Sebastianbroadcast on France 2. At the same time, Jean Dujardin will participate several times in tele-hook Star seeds on M6in the category Comical. His career as an actor then took on another dimension when he was chosen to embody one of the main roles of the humorous short series called A boy a girl.

Jean Dujardin: starring in several Hollywood blockbusters after his Oscar

Alongside Alexandra Lamy, who will become his partner until 2011, Jean Dujardin has acquired immense notoriety with the public, which allowed him to get into the cinema. Winning bet for the actor, who will chain the successes on the big screen. Jean Dujardin was notably the headliner of the trilogy OSS 117but also movies Brice of Nice. If he mainly shot in comedies at the start, the actor will also prove to be perfectly at ease in the dramatic register over timeuntil his consecration with The Artist, which opened the doors of Hollywood to him. Jean Dujardin was thus able to shoot alongside Georges Clooney in Men Monuments, but also of Leonardo DiCaprio in The wolf of Wall Street.

A slideshow produced by Isabelle Minard-Borde

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