When Rachida Dati dreams of being Mohamed Ali

In a C8 program, Rachida Dati confided in her admiration for Mohamed Ali.

“Which artist would you fantasize about being in another life?” This is the question asked to Rachida Dati by the teams of “L’essentiel chez Labro”, C8 program. The mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris responds with the name of a sports legend, but tempers: “don’t you find the way he boxing is artistic?” She would indeed have liked to be Mohamed Ali, someone who “(l) ‘always fascinated”. Someone who is one of those “characters who mark the world with their creativity, their life force, their vitality in the true sense of the word”.

“I have always been interested in his life, how he came to this sport …”. He was “very politicized,” she said. “All his sentences, including his play vis-à-vis his opponents, were sentences that had a political echo.” The former Minister of Justice does not “tire” of seeing and reviewing his memorable fight in 1974 against in Kinshasa against George Foreman. According to her, “all Mohamed Ali is in this fight”.

What do they have in common? “Total freedom”

Does she share common personality traits with her idol? “What animated me since I was a child is total freedom, everywhere, in my life, in my professional career, in my life choices, my sentimental, emotional, professional choices – sometimes I could regret it, sometimes it could cost me dearly – but I have no regrets about it. In the world there is very little personality who embodies all of this ”.

If she regularly dons boxing gloves, her practice of the noble art has nothing to do with her worship of the legend Ali. “What interests me is not necessarily the fight but it’s the way your coach trains you on resistance and on the mental”.

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