When smileys appear on our nails …

The weather is grey. We could therefore opt for dark make-up to match the season perfectly; but it is out of the question! On the contrary, moreover. Instead, let's turn to colorful beauty treatments that bring balm to the heart during winter. A few days ago, we told you about the trend of multi-colored manicure; today, we are highlighting that of smiley nail art. Did you notice it? Little yellow heads have invaded our social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest. There are many manicures featuring smileys. This way of varnishing your nails is shaping up to be one of the major beauty trends of 2021.

Trendy smiley nails: why we love it?
The coolest smiley nails trend is! And anyone can adopt it. For example, it complements an already colorful look wonderfully. Also, conversely, it brings a touch of pep, originality and daring to a stricter, more classic outfit. More reasons, therefore, not to try it. To inspire you, zoom in on our 3 favorite "smiley" manicures, unearthed on Instagram.
The emoji nail art in its most classic version
This version is the most classic, but also the easiest to reproduce yourself at home. For this, you will need a base, a yellow nail polish, a black nail polish, a special nail art brush, and a top coat. Start by applying your base, then completely varnish your nails using yellow. Once this colored layer is dry, dip the tip of your brush in the black varnish, and draw on each of your nails a small emoji – simply by making two round eyes and a smiling mouth for a minimalist rendering. Then finish with a top coat for a manicure that will last longer!
The French manicure revisited
The French manicure is a classic of nail art. A little too soft, it is possible to revisit it! From our side, we advise you to choose it in a certain color (other than white suddenly) or even glitter! The tips of your nails will look nicer, more fun – especially with glitter! And what could be better than a few drawings here and there to make this nail art even more unique? Rainbow, banana, cherry, star, flower, eye and of course emojis: decorate your nails according to your tastes!
Minimalist emoji nail art
Want to embrace the trend but find it a bit extravagant for you? Then opt for this version! Very simple, and quickly achievable at home, it will be ideal. Apply a simple transparent polish on your nails and add small smiley stickers on your nails. There is for example this set of Ciaté London x Smiley nail stickers at 22.99 euros on asos.fr or this set of nail sticker sheets featuring our favorite emojis at 5.99 euros on amazon.fr.