When will the tax authorities take what you have left to pay in 2023?

Has the DGFiP announced to you an amount remaining to be paid at the end of your income tax return? The collection is anticipated for next week.

Each year, when receiving their tax notice, around 10 million tax households are informed of a balance to be paid. There were precisely 10.7 million in this case in 2022. Thus, 28% of households had an amount remaining to be paid to the tax authorities last year, for a total of 22.5 billion euros, i.e. a little more than 2100 euros to pay on average per household. An amount which is indeed a balance and not the amount of the annual tax!

The calculation puzzle at the end of your income tax return: why you no longer pay net tax

As a reminder, this corresponds to the logical cycle of income tax deducted at source. In 2022, you paid a part of your tax each month, the source, but this is an approximate amount. The annual declaration, which you finalized in spring 2023, allows the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP) to calculate your final annual taxthe euro near.

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Following this final calculation, a third of households have an amount to pay (28% last year) to supplement what has already been taken from the source. Another third has nothing to do (37% last year) and a third receives a summer reimbursement from the DGFiP (35% of households in 2022).

September 25… and payment in 4 installments if your balance exceeds 300 euros

For reimbursements, the amount appeared in your bank account at the end of July or beginning of August. If you have a balance to pay, the payment is made at the beginning of autumn. You can already anticipate: the withdrawal will be made from the bank account that you have informed the DGFiP on Monday September 25, 2023.

The operation will be carried out in one go if the amount remaining to be paid is less than 300 euros. If your tax balance exceeds 300 euros, then the levy is automatically split into four payments. The DGFiP is staggering its withdrawal over 4 months: Monday September 25, then Thursday October 26, Monday November 27 and Tuesday December 26, 2023.

You can also already anticipate these payments to your bank account. These samples will be carried out by GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF PUBLIC FINANCEand the wording of the operations will be INCOME TAX BALANCE 2022 INVOICE NUMBER XXX.

Who was affected by the September 15 or 20 deadline?

Friday September 15 is the official deadline to regularize the amount remaining to be paid of income tax. However, in the context of withholding at source, payment of the balance to be paid is must be carried out by direct debit as the tax administration points out.

The deadline of September 15, for payment by check or cash (or September 20 for online payment), therefore only concerns those who refused to give their IBAN to the DGFiP.

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