where can I leave with expired identity papers?

Are the identity papers valid longer than the date that appears on the back? Let’s take stock before the holidays to find out if you can travel with your expired documents.

Planning your next vacation? Whether it’s for those in February, the long weekends in May or the summer holidays, find out which airlines to avoid, don’t wait too long for your train tickets, and find out when is the best day to book your plane. . You are also told where to make an appointment for your identity papers, but if it is too late for you, which countries can you travel to ?

If your ID card has expired, don’t lose hope. There is still a chance that your document will be accepted. In effect, since January 1, 2014, the validity period of the cards has been set at 15 years instead of 10. From this date, the documents issued specify 15 years of validity on the back to travel within the Schengen area.

For identity cards issued before 2014, the date on the back specifies 10 years of validity. But article 10 of the 2013 decree concerning the period of validity and the conditions for issuing and renewing the national identity card specifies that the cards valid on January 1, 2014 “have their validity extended to fifteen years”.

This is not not the case for minors and those who were minors at the time of making their card. The period of validity remains 10 years for them.

Since August 2021, the new identity cards, in bank card format, are valid for 10 years again.

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Which countries accept expired documents?

But beware, some countries do not accept the French extension of validity. the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs website reference those who officially tolerate it : Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Turkey.

Some countries have declared nothing officially but generally accept it : Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden and Albania. You can present multilingual notices to justify your right to use an expired card less than 5 years old.

On the contrary, Belgium, Lithuania, Norway, Ireland and Romania do not accept expired identity cards.

It is however recommended to use a valid passport for your travels. Regarding the latter, a judgment of the Court of Cassation of February 5, 2020 makes it possible to travel to certain European countries even if it is expired. Outside of Europe this is not permitted.

It even takes days or even months of additional validity after the end of his stay in certain countries such as Brazil or the United States (6 months), and South Africa (30 days). Do not hesitate to look at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website to make sure you are in order.

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