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This winter, the “hiking boot” is popular. This is clearly the pair to absolutely have in your shoe closet to face the freezing temperatures that are coming.

With winter, temperatures cool. A cold wave will even affect the entire northern half of France from Sunday, November 18, 2021. Lowes of 3 to 6 ° C are expected. With this freezing weather, no choice: you have to adapt your outfit to the cold. This is possible while keeping its style, rest assured. For that, the new pair of trendy shoes can be useful to you … These are “hiking boots”, or “hiking boots” in French. Very warm, they will keep your feet warm.

These ankle boots have a particular design, which differs from Chelsea boots or thigh high boots. As its name suggests, a pair of “hiking boots” imitates the aesthetic codes of hiking boots. Their laces are thick and on the front, they hold thanks to metal ties. They are not very high and usually reach above the ankle. Last detail to recognize them: they have a thick sole. Do they seem outdated to you? It’s quite the opposite ! Here is our selection and how to adopt them.

Our best selection

How to wear the “hiking boots”, the coolest shoes of winter?

While they may look a bit cheeky, they can actually be worn with any outfit. Indeed, they will be perfect with jeans, whatever its shape. The flare and straight shapes are particularly popular. Pair them with a warm sweater and a long coat or a thick shirt-shaped jacket. Do you prefer to wear dresses? No problem, if the latter is not too chic, you can wear it very well with “hiking boots”. This will allow you to shift the style of the dress a bit and create an ultra-trendy effect. In short, they are worn a bit like biker style boots: it is a fashion bias. Either we love to mix styles, or we don’t. You are free to do what you want with them and adapt them to your looks.

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