Where to watch the Mad Max: Fury Road movie in streaming?

You want to see or rewatch Mad Max: Fury Road before going to discover Furiosa: A Mad Max saga At the movie theater ? George Miller’s cult film is available on myCANAL. Otherwise, you can always rent it for a few euros.

This time, George Miller moved quickly. On May 22, we will discover a new film in the franchise Mad Max titled Furiosa: A Mad Max saga. It will center on an already established character, Furiosa, a charismatic heroine played by Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road — the film of the last decade for Numerama.

Since then, Furiosa: A Mad Max saga will be closely linked to Mad Max: Fury Road, while the initial trilogy was rather disconnected from the fourth film (as evidenced in particular by the replacement of Mel Gibson by Tom Hardy). In reality, Furiosa: A Mad Max saga is a prologue which will show us the youth of Furiosa (Anya Taylor-Joy replaces Charlize Theron) and how she found herself war leader of Immortan Joe.

Before going to see Furiosa: A Mad Max sagaperhaps you want to refresh your memory with Mad Max: Fury Road (it is, in any case, a masterpiece). Is it available on SVOD?

Mad Max: Fury Road is available in SVOD

As surprising as it may seem, Mad Max: Fury Road is difficult to find on SVOD – even though there are more and more of them. The main ones, like Netflix or even Amazon Prime Video (even with the Warner Pass) do not have it in their catalog. Information confirmed by the JustWatch database. On the other hand, it can be found on myCANAL until July 2.

To see or rewatch Mad Max: Fury Road in streaming, you can also purchase or rent. On this point, you are spoiled for choice: platforms like AppleTV, Google Play, Orange, YouTube, Canal VOD, Filmo and even Amazon offer it. Prices start at €2.99 (rental) and €4.99 (purchase). The most interesting option is a priori to go to Amazon, which offers 4K UHD at very low prices.

Mad Max: Fury Road // Source: Warner Bros.
Mad Max: Fury Road. // Source: Warner Bros.

What is the Black & Chrome Edition? Mad Max: Fury Road, also available on myCANAL? You may not know it, but there is a black and white version — sublime — of the film directed by George Miller. In the eyes of the filmmaker, it is even the best version of his immense spectacle (the one which should have been released in the cinema, in fact). “ With black and white, it’s much more abstract. Losing information due to the disappearance of colors makes everything more iconic (…). For me, this is the best version of the film “, he explained in 2016, in comments reported by IndieWire. He still admits that certain scenes are better with colors.

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