which astrological signs are the most impacted?


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The Full Moon of November 2021 will take place on Friday 19. Also called the Beaver Moon, it is placed under the sign of Taurus and occurs at the same time as a partial lunar eclipse. This could have consequences for you depending on your astrological sign.

The Full Moon of Friday, November 19, 2021 is placed under the sign of Taurus. It occurs at the same time as another phenomenon: a partial lunar eclipse. Result ? This event creates an intense energetic movement and can lead certain signs to question everything. Psychological renewal and change are to be expected. This somewhat special full moon will also bring to light all your doubts, your insecurities, your deep thoughts that you keep to yourself. “This Full Moon asks you to dive into the mud, into the earth, into what you push back. (…) Anything you push below the surface will rise, but only so that you can confront it, learn things , heal and be reborn “, explains author Kirsty Gallagher in her book Living with the moon (ed. The lotus and the elephant). “It is a moon that allows you to appreciate blessings and learn from burdens, turn your so-called weaknesses into strengths and challenges into opportunities, and focus on acts of creation instead of resisting and to be stubborn. “

This Full Moon is also synonymous with realization of projects. “Imagine your current projects coming true, there, soon, with as much detail as possible. Visualize yourself achieving this success that you covet so much and welcoming it, quite simply, because you deserve love and abundance. Take time for yourself, plan and structure the goals you want to achieve “, advises Shana Lyès in her book The Great Astral Trinity (First Editions). “The powerful force of action peculiar to the slow but tenacious Full Moon in Taurus must be put at the service of the beauty of life”, completes Stéphanie Lafranque in her book Guardians of the Moon (Harmonie Solar Editions).

Full moon in Taurus: which signs are most affected?

Each Full Moon brings its share of surprises. It does not have the same effects depending on the astrological signs but also depending on the sign in which it is found. This Friday, November 19, 2021, the full moon is in Taurus. Remember that this Earth sign is one of the most faithful of the Zodiac. He is very reliable and outspoken, but tends to be quite stingy and stubborn. This Full Moon will put you to the test and will multiply your emotions tenfold.

The other sign that will have an effect on their emotions is Leo because the eclipse occurs at a key moment on their map. Another sign that will be impacted: Scorpio. The latter will have difficulty expressing himself, which may lead to misunderstandings and ruptures. Try to take a step back before you get carried away and you should be fine!

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