which jeans will we wear in 2021?

Because jeans are now one of our fashion essentials, we have identified the most trendy models to adopt this year for you!

If there is one piece you absolutely must have in your walk-in closet, it obviously is jeans. And since we have just changed the year, we are bound to have the pleasure of discovering new fashion trends. When it comes to jeans, 2021 has some nice surprises in store for us. Mom jeans, paperbag, wideleg … Zoom on these models that you will love to wear this season!

Wideleg jeans

In 2021, jeans will be worn wide on the legs! With its high waist and extra wide legs called "wideleg", it has the advantage of flattering all body types. It goes with everything and its elegant yet relaxed side makes it suitable for many occasions. It also has the advantage of sticking to all clothing styles! In its streetwear version, wideleg jeans can be worn with a pair of trainers, a sweatshirt or a turtleneck. Want a glamorous look? You can combine it with a pair of heeled boots, a short coat and belted to mark the waist.

Reverse paperbag jeans

With its high gathered waist and sometimes tightened with a belt, paperbag jeans are one of those trendy pieces that have the gift of sublimating all body types. But in 2021, the paperbag jeans are reversed. Instead of tying them at the waist, the reverse paperbag jeans are tied at the ankles with laces. It can be worn loose or skinny as you wish, and goes equally well with sneakers or a pair of heeled sandals in summer. Original and elegant, they are certainly the most original jeans of the season, but they have already won over many fashionistas!

Blue jeans

While gray jeans were one of the jeans trends for Fall / Winter 2020, blue jeans are making a comeback! At the same time, nothing is more chic and elegant than raw blue jeans. In 2021, women will indeed turn more to real blue denim, the one they have always loved. A real homecoming that proves once again that jeans will never go out of fashion! Skinny, mom, paperbag, flare … all you have to do is choose the model that you like the most and in which you will feel comfortable.

Bootcut jeans

In 2021, bootcut jeans will make you look crazy! Slightly flared at the bottom, fitted to the thighs and tight to the buttocks, these are THE jeans that highlight all body types. Thanks to its legs that are both flared at the bottom and adjusted at the top, this model allows you to lengthen and slim the thighs, while enhancing the hips. If you are looking for jeans that enhance your curves, this is definitely the one for you! In fall-winter, we love to wear it with heeled boots or ankle boots. In summer, opt for heeled sandals with a platform to further lengthen your silhouette.

Mom jeans

This year again, mom jeans will be one of our favorite jeans! Its strong point? It could not be more comfortable and highlights our forms. Halfway between a high waist and a low waist, the mom is tighter at the calves, which immediately distinguishes it from the boyfriend. But be careful, we choose it for its size and not too loose. The great thing about mom jeans is that they go with all of our outfits! Sneakers, boots, sandals … It sometimes takes little to showcase it. In short, it's a safe bet!

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Video by Juliette Le Peillet