which signs correspond to you in friendship?

You have probably already looked for the love compatibility between your zodiac sign and that of your crush, but have you done it for your best friends? So which zodiac signs are likely to become your biggest sidekick? Astrologer Shana Lyès gives us some leads sign by sign …

Your friends, you adore them, you spend a lot of time with them, you have had your best laughs with them, but have you ever wondered if the stars favor your friendship according to your astrological signs? In astrology, certain favorable (or unfavorable) connections can influence your affinities, so you quickly realize whether your friendship is going to last or not. This way, quickly find out what the best sign-by-sign combinations are from Shana Lyès, astrologer, instagrammer and author ofAstrolove, Getting to know yourself better thanks to astrology for a fulfilling love life (Harlequin).

Aries (March 21 – April 20): the best (and worst) combinations in friendship

Thanks to their courage and impulsiveness, Aries make friends very easily. He kindly entertains those around him thanks to his frank humor. He can seduce (or put off) by his very direct honesty and his little authoritarian side. For example, he won't hesitate to tell you if you have a salad leaf stuck between your teeth, or if you have bad breath. But that frankness also carries over to her compliments, which in her mouth really mean something. We can always count on him, which makes him a precious friend!

Best combinations: Leo (for their cheerfulness and whimsy), Aries (they both live in the present moment), Sagittarius (for their spontaneity), Gemini and Aquarius (for the extroverted side)

Hit or miss : the balance

Worst combinations: Taurus (for his side too “chill”), Cancer (he seems boring), Virgo (he finds her too picky)

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Taurus (April 21 – May 20): the best (and worst) combinations in friendship

As a good epicurean, Taurus loves spending time with their friends, whether it's for a shopping session or for a drink on the terrace. Both loyal and patient, he is extremely devoted to those around him, but he can seem incredibly stubborn at times. However, this stubbornness also makes him very loyal (both in love and in friendship). If you have a Taurus close to you, you can be sure they won't disappoint you!

Best combinations: Virgo (they share the same values), Taurus (very good companion to bask with!), Cancer and Pisces (a good balance between these water signs and this earth sign)

Hit or miss : the Scorpion

Worst combinations: Aries (for his impatience), Sagittarius (for his irresponsibility), Aquarius (for his unpredictable side)

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Gemini (May 21 – June 21): the best (and worst) combinations in friendship

Both highly sociable and open-minded, Gemini has a natural ability to adapt to others like a person, which gives them the chance to bond with more zodiac signs. He is talkative, outgoing, with a great sense of humor, in short, he is the ideal friend! You never get bored, he always shows up on the latest gossip, but that also has some drawbacks. We can blame him for not knowing how to keep a secret and lacking in authenticity.

Best combinations: Gemini (they are like real twins!), Aries (for his wisdom and exuberance), Libra (to tell all the dramas), Aquarius (they are on the same wavelength), Leo (for its dynamism)

Hit or miss : Sagittarius

Worst combinations: Taurus (poor communication between them), Scorpio (he analyzes it too much), Capricorn (he is insensitive to his humor)

Cancer (June 22 – July 22): the best (and worst) combinations in friendship

Extremely protective of character, a Cancer friend is a friend for life. The warm and sensitive nature of this water sign gives her the status of the "mom" of her group of friends. Not only do Cancerians provide excellent advice, but thanks to their caring personality, they also let those close to them know that they love them and can count on them. If you need a shoulder to cry on, Cancer is the friend for you. However, even though he is very concerned about the feelings of others, he is sometimes hesitant to open up and let out what he really feels.

Best combinations: Cancer (they understand each other perfectly), Taurus (for their sense of security), Scorpio and Pisces (as water signs they share the same sensitive nature)

Hit or miss : the Capricorn

Worst combinations: Aries (too bossy), Sagittarius (too hyperactive), Aquarius (too inquisitive)

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Leo (July 23 – August 22): the best (and worst) combinations in friendship

Warm, generous and protective by nature, Leo is a friend that everyone would like to have in their party. Although he prefers to have the spotlight on him, he still leaves those close to him who benefit from his radiant character. He's also the kind of friend who will bring you to the coolest parties, since he has a huge network. Those around him enjoy spending time with him a lot, because he is a pleasant personality who has a big heart.

Best combinations: Aquarius (for its cheerfulness and fantasy), Aries (for their common points), Sagittarius (for its party-loving side), Pisces (for its infinite charm)

Hit or miss : Lion

Worst combinations: Taurus (too resentful), Scorpio (because of his constant judgment), Capricorn (he criticizes his pride too much)

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): the best (and worst) combinations in friendship

Always there to solve the daily worries of those close to her, the Virgin a helpful friend who makes life easier for those around her by her mere presence. Whether you need help with your presentation at work, to be successful in a job interview, or to buy the perfect gift for your other half, Virgo will be your best ally because they are kind, understanding, and endowed with meaning. extraordinary practice. However, sometimes she tends to give too much advice and keep her feet on the ground too much when she could allow herself to daydream a little with her friends. She also has a hard time giving her confidence, but this is to be expected, as above all she lacks self-confidence.

Best combinations: Virgo (they understand each other perfectly), Taurus (also very down to earth), Libra (she finds it interesting and fascinating), Capricorn (also very pragramtic)

Hit or miss : the fish

Worst combinations: Leo (too confident for her taste), Aquarius (for his eccentricity), Scorpio (she finds him unbearable because of his too passionate character)

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Libra (September 23 – October 22): the best (and worst) combinations in friendship

Probably one of the friendliest signs of the zodiac, Libra knows how to be loved by everyone. Endowed with a sociable and jovial temperament, Libra forge bonds of friendship with surprising ease. She puts everyone at ease, she loves to compliment others, in short, Libra is unanimous (or almost)! She's that kind of friend who notices the little details, and then gives a gift that suits you perfectly. However, Libra is so afraid of being alone that they sometimes make friends with just anybody, just as they often fall into emotional dependence to keep their friends at all costs.

Best combinations: Libra (same sense of friendship), Sagittarius (a lot of positive energy in common), Aquarius and Gemini (these signs are not lacking in conversation!)

Hit or miss : the ram

Worst combinations: Cancer (poor communication with him), Virgo (too down to earth), Capricorn (too serious)

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22): the best (and worst) combinations in friendship

If you are friends with a Scorpio, know that they will treat you like a member of their family because they care very much about those around them. He takes care of his friends as if his life depended on it, thanks to his extremely passionate character. Besides, you can entrust him with your deepest secrets, he will remain as silent as a grave. He also has a rather large circle of friends, because with his magnetic aura, he naturally attracts people. You can either admire it or fear it, there is no middle ground. However, if you betray him, he may hold a grudge and he will have a hard time trusting again.

Best combinations: Scorpio (he understands him as a person), Cancer (always comforting), Pisces (he understands his feelings), Capricorn (a lot of mutual admiration)

Hit or miss : the bull

Worst combinations: Aries (a lot of tension between them), Sagittarius (too shallow), Libra (too carefree)

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Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21): the best (and worst) combinations in friendship

Are you feeling a little depressed? No problem if you have a Sagittarius friend! Always there to boost the morale of the troops, his optimistic and benevolent temperament will put a smile on your face no matter what, even if you are going through difficult times. Sagittarius loves being surrounded by their loved ones, and those close to them love them back, because they always have a laugh. His very talkative (although he should think more before speaking) and reckless side makes you never get bored around him. Moreover, his instinct for adventure often leads him to choose friends who also seek the unexpected, rather than sedentary people.

Best combinations: Aries and Leo (for their cheerfulness), Sagittarius (perfect for going on an adventure with), Aquarius and Libra (they share enthusiasm and frivolity)

Hit or miss : Gemini

Worst combinations: Taurus (too killjoy), Pisces (too emotionally unstable), Virgo (too anxious)

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20): the best (and worst) combinations in friendship

Capricorn is easily one of the most responsible signs in the zodiac. He is very devoted to his friends: he makes sure that they fulfill their dreams, because he is ambitious for others as well as for himself. Rather, he counts his friends on the fingers of one hand, but he can be sure he's picked the right ones. However, with his dark and sarcastic humor, he is not unanimous, but he knows this very well and uses it to his advantage. Also, when a Capricorn invites you into their home, they will bend over backwards to welcome you as they should, as they make sure their surroundings remain warm.

Best combinations: all earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: who better to understand him?), Scorpio (he admires his loyalty)

Hit or miss : the cancer

Worst combinations: Leo (too egocentric), Sagittarius (for his frivolity), Aquarius (for his nonconformism)

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Aquarius (January 21 – February 19): the best (and worst) combinations in friendship

With her daring nature, you can be sure you'll be stepping out of your comfort zone in less than two! No room for boredom with this air sign who always has great ideas. While he usually has a large circle of friends (yes, he is very good at networking despite his apparent coldness!), He occasionally enjoys getting away from others and abandon the social side of his personality because of his independent nature. However, if a friend of his calls for help, he will immediately show up to offer his support, because he knows how to show loyalty and empathy when it seems necessary.

Best combinations: Aquarius (he respects his independence), Gemini (excellent communication), Libra (for his joviality), Aries (for his energy), Sagittarius (for his taste for adventure)

Hit or miss : the Scorpion

Worst combinations: Cancer (it is incompatible with its independence), Virgo (too down to earth), Pisces (too sentimental)

Pisces (February 20 – March 20): the best (and worst) combinations in friendship

With by far the oldest soul in the zodiac, Pisces is that friend who gives the right advice every time. Both spiritual and generous, he always puts the needs of others first, to the detriment of his own sometimes. In his group of friends, he is that discreet person, somewhat introverted, but whose presence remains essential. On the other hand, malicious people could take advantage of his generosity, which makes it difficult for him to form new friendships, and prefers to keep the company of his childhood friends.

Best combinations: Pisces (they take care of each other), Cancer (for their shared sensitivity), Scorpio (for their loyalty to loved ones), Taurus (for their reliability)

Hit or miss : the Virgin

Worst combinations: Libra (for his superficial side), Gemini (he sometimes finds him mean), Aries (too immature)

Shana Lyès: Besides the star sign, it is good to go and compare your ascendants and your lunar signs (if you are not yet comfortable enough with the analysis of your horoscopes).

I also recommend going to the side of House XI which represents friendships, collective projects, supports and protection in life. Also, see if you have any holdings in Mercury, which would indicate that you are getting along intellectually and that there is good communication between you.

Can we have one or more soul mates in friendship?

S.L.: Of course! Soul mate is not about love, it can manifest as a best friend, brother, sister, granny, cousin. Above all, they are souls that we meet again in our different incarnations and who help us grow, evolve and become who we are. These encounters – which are in fact reunions – are called "karmic encounters" since it is karma that secretly plots to put them in our path at some point.

Are there compatible signs in friendship, but not in love?

S.L: Yes, it is frequent. I recommend going to see which sign is staggered from yours. The staggered line represents a 150 ° aspect right between two Suns, it indicates a bond of belonging to one another as well as a feeling of responsibility and security. So I often see an Aries who gets along well with a Virgo or Scorpio, or a Taurus who befriended a Sagittarius or a Libra. They are supposed to be incompatible because of their element, but they still have some common characteristics.


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