while waiting for the formalization, the applications are getting a makeover

A few hours before the presentation of the Pixel Watch, Google updated several Wear OS applications, including the arrival of a new Fitbit application.

Pixel Watch, Google’s first connected watch // Source: Source: Google

It is this Thursday, from 4 p.m., that Google should officially present its new ranges of devices. we are logically expecting the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, but the main expected announcement is indeed the Pixel Watch.

It must be said that, if Google offers its Android Wear operating system, which has since become Wear OS, to other smartwatch manufacturers, the firm had not yet launched its own connected watch. The Pixel Watch will therefore be the first connected watch designed by the Mountain View company.

If many elements have already been leaked in recent weeks, starting with the visual of the watch, its size, its price or even its characteristics, it is now the day of formalization for Google. Prior to the conference, the firm has therefore updated some of its applications for Wear OS so that they can be integrated as well as possible on its connected watch.

Three new apps for the Pixel Watch

As reported by the site GSM Arenathree applications were thus entitled to an overhaul thanks to updates offered on the Google Play Store: Weather, Telephone and Fitbit.

For the first two applications, nothing very surprising. These are classic applications for a connected watch under Wear OS. The novelties are above all aesthetic with, for example, new forecast and UV index tiles for the weather. On the Phone application side, this is a new application offered under Wear OS 3 which will allow access to the list of Google contacts, call history, to make a call from the wrist or manage the call with the ability to mute.

Above all, the main novelty comes in the addition of a new Fitbit application for Wear OS. We already knew that the firm specializing in health, acquired last year by the firm, had collaborated in the development of the Pixel Watch. We now know how the particular functions of Fitbit will be integrated.

Concretely, the screenshots of the Fitbit application for connected watches allow you to see your data during a workout, to display the heart rate curve, to distinguish the phases of sleep or to find your last exercises.

It is not yet known if the Fitbit application will be exclusive to the Pixel Watch or if it can be offered on other connected watches under Wear OS. We are thinking in particular of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

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