Whirlwind about hooligans – animal abusers shot at horse “Rasputin” and cows

The police in Unterrabnitz in the Burgenland district of Oberpullendorf deal with a terrifying series of animal cruelty. For weeks, unknown hooligans have been terrorizing committed horse lovers and a cowshed owner. Armed with an air rifle, the perpetrators strike in the middle of the night. The trotter gelding “Rasputin” was seriously injured.

The 1.5 hectares owned by tenant Bettina Sch. on the outskirts of the village in central Burgenland are a paradise for horses. But the natural idyll is clouded. “Property damage started last autumn. After an interruption in winter, it continued in May this year, ”says the worried animal lover. Since then, the unknown perpetrators have hit again and again.

“Rasputin” seriously injured
Among other things, the heartless hooligans shot at the solar panels of the pasture fence, presumably with an air rifle. The worst hit this summer was the trotter gelding “Rasputin”. “His knee joint is badly injured and swollen. A projectile must have hit him. According to veterinarians, the cause could also have been a violent blow. Riding is no longer possible in the future, ”explains Sch.

Police are investigating
Shots were not only fired at the horse farm and in the neighboring medieval village of the community, but also in a cowshed on the other outskirts of Unterrabnitz. The animal abusers also had the cattle in their sights there.

There are two advertisements. Aside from rubber bullets, steel balls were also discovered in the course of the investigation. The seized ammunition is checked. The police investigation is in full swing.