White flour: That’s why you should eat less of it!


White flour is widely used in our diet, although it offers few health benefits. Why you should consume health to love less white flour, you will find out here.

White flour: introduction

  • Until a few years ago, the consumption of white flour in the form of wheat was still considered the privilege of a prosperous society . But in recent years white flour has become more and more on the Black List of avoidable foods for many people .
  • Why is that? For many of us, flour and bread are daily companions in our diet. Many also think that bread is always good for your health and gives us the energy we need for the day.
  • But bread is not the same bread and flour it also depends very much on the type on whether it can be classified as a healthy alternative. In this article, we want to show you why you should not consume white flour in large quantities without hesitation and how you recognize how much fiber and nutrients are contained in the flour.

Weißmehl: What is behind it?

  • White flour is ground flour, mostly wheat, which contains only the inside of the grain . The germ and rim, which is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals ( micronutrients ), is removed. This is mainly due to the also contained unsaturated fatty acids , which quickly become rancid after a short time and thus inedible.
  • White flour consists largely of carbohydrates , which are quickly converted into sugar. The blood sugar level rises after eating and you are hungry again.

White flour: problems with gluten

  • high consumption of wheat in the form of white flour comes about just because these products still outweigh the supermarket . The production is relatively inexpensive and the products have a long shelf life through the processing . However, many people today also suffer from gluten intolerance .
  • Gluten is the protein mainly found in wheat that many of us in the intestine can not digest easily and then complain of malaise after eating cereal products. If you’re affected by it yourself, you’ll notice quickly if you just give up grain completely for three weeks and see if it makes you feel better.

White flour can contribute to the following symptoms

  • diabetes
  • overweight
  • high blood pressure
  • joint problems
  • memory problems
  • thyroid disease
  • rheumatism
  • Tiredness and headache
  • skin problems

White flour: Bad for the figure

Wheat flour products contain many so-called empty calories . This means that the food contains hardly any nutrients , but many carbohydrates in the form of sugar. Your blood sugar level rises so high in white flour and ensures after a short time again cravings .

White flour: Type designation

Flour is packaged with a code number (type). 405 flour is the classic wheat flour. The type indicates how many minerals are still contained in the flour. In that case, 405 milligrams per 100 grams.

For bread is often used flour with 1050 milligrams. The mineral content of rye varies from 815 (light rye) to 1800 (rye baking). Spelled is available in types 630, 812 and 1050. Pure whole wheat flour has no name, as it contains all minerals.

White flour: alternatives

  • Wholemeal flour and especially the spelled grain is a healthy alternative to white flour. Spelled naturally contains more nutrients than wheat, while wholegrain rye has the highest fiber content.
  • Whole wheat flour saturates better , as fiber fill the stomach and are largely excreted again. This helps digestion and keeps blood sugar levels constant.
  • Nevertheless, whole grains do not always mean whole grains. Articles may already bear the name from a content of 90 percent. So pay attention to the nutritional values, if it is really about coarse whole grain.
  • Also a supplement can be flours, which do not belong to cereals . These include, for example, coconut flour or almond flour. Gluten-free are the so-called pseudo-cereals such as quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat. Pay attention to thorough washing and a long preparation.

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