White shoes: These household means bring back the radiance

Summer not only brings ballerinas, flip-flops and sandals to the scene, white sneakers are also more and more represented in the streets. Model Gigi Hadid (25) combines her sporty model with white tennis socks, blazers and shorts. However, once you are not careful, frustration can quickly arise from the joy of the shiny treads. So what to do if unsightly water splashes, dark spots and discolored shoelaces ruin your outfit? This budget can help.

It is important: Before the shoes end up in the washing machine, you should always try to remove the stains by hand washing. The heat and detergent in the machine can easily affect shoes. On the other hand, those who use toothbrushes and cleaners themselves have better cards. In general, rough, superficial dirt should be removed from the shoes with a brush before cleaning, so that they are not worked into the material later.

Clean white leather shoes with petroleum jelly

Dirt and streaks on shoes made of white lacquer, smooth or synthetic leather can be removed with petroleum jelly. Put the cream on the shoe with a microfiber cloth and rub it in. After a few hours of exposure, remove the fat layer with a rag and the dirt is gone. If you have dark streaks on your suede shoes, it is best to use an ordinary, colorless eraser.

Treat white cloth shoes with baking soda

Dirt is particularly popular in white fabric sneakers. The shoes are not easy to clean with soap and water. Fortunately, the solution is so obvious: baking soda and detergent. Apply the one-to-one mixture onto the shoe using a toothbrush and work in with circular movements. After a short exposure time, the paste including the loosened dirt can be removed with a damp sponge.

White shoelaces can also be cleaned in this way. If this is too tiring for you, you can also use bleach or put the shoelaces in a laundry net for white laundry.

Brighten the rubber soles with nail polish

Did the kick in the puddle leave an unsightly edge on the white rubber sole? Or is the white tip of the chucks discolored? Then a handle in the cosmetic cabinet can help. With commercial nail polish remover, dirt can be easily tackled without much effort or time.