Whitsun traffic heading south – traffic backs up again at the Gotthard – News

  • The Pentecost traffic to the south already led to a longer traffic jam on the north side in front of the Gotthard tunnel during the night on Saturday.
  • Since the early morning, the tin snake has meanwhile increased to 14 km between Erstfeld and Göschenen, which corresponds to a loss of time of well over two hours.
  • There were also disruptions to rail traffic on the route between Bern and Olten.

In the evening around 7:30 p.m., the length of the traffic jam between Erstfeld and Göschenen was still 6 kilometers, which accounts for a loss of time of up to an hour, the TCS traffic service tweeted.

The loss of time was at times one and a half hours during the night, as the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) traffic service announced on Twitter. According to the Viasuisse traffic service, by midnight the length of the traffic jam was around 5 kilometers and the waiting time was around one hour and 15 minutes.

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The current traffic situation and reports from all over Switzerland can be found here in the traffic information.

On Saturday morning, the traffic jam in front of the Gotthard north portal temporarily increased again to 14 kilometers. There was hardly any relaxation in the course of the morning, even at 10.30 a.m. the tin snake still measured 13 kilometers. According to TCS, the loss of time on the A2 between the Altdorf and Göschenen junction in the canton of Uri was around 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Disturbance on the Olten – Bern railway line

But not only drivers had to exercise patience. There were also major disruptions with train cancellations and diversions on the Olten – Bern railway line. The SBB expects disabilities until late at night. The disruption on the railway line occurred just before 11:00 a.m. The cause may have been a power failure, as the SBB media office announced. At least one train was temporarily stranded on the route.

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