Who am I – Test: The Ocean Oracle exposes your character

4-question test
The ocean oracle reveals who you REALLY are

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A simple test reveals your insides. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen – and your imagination!

Do you want to know what really defines your character? Look into your deepest inner being, explore your soul? The website “Bright Side” has developed a test that speaks to your subconscious.

Preparation: Take a piece of paper and a pen – and you’re good to go! Write down or paint the answers to these 4 questions.

Question 1

Imagine diving into the sea to explore the underwater world. Suddenly you see a mermaid. What color is your fin?

Question 2

The mermaid isn’t the only aquatic creature you see. A fish swims next to you. What kind of fish is he? A dangerous or a harmless one?

Question 3

You dive even deeper. You see a shell. What does she look like? For example, is it more flat in shape or does it have a snail shape?

Question 4

Now you emerge again and swim to the beach. How many people do you see there?

Finished? Then it goes to the evaluation!

Now the interpretation of your answers follows.

the Color of the mermaid shows how social you are. Cool colors like green or blue stand for shyness, bright colors like pink or yellow for openness.

The fish says something about your handling of conflicts. When the fish is a quiet fellow then you stand by your opinion, even if others contradict you. Is the fish however aggressive, then you are afraid of conflict and give in quickly.

The shell stands for your openness towards other people. A very simple shell, without an extravagant shape or color means that you can quickly open up to other people. A more unusual shape shows that you are rather closed and prefer to deal with your problems with yourself.

People on the beach stand for your friends. Are there very many to see, you have a lot of friends. Are there only a few bathers, you probably have only a few, but very good friends. If you all alone you don’t trust other people and prefer to live as a loner.