who are the Pavoni, the new tribe arriving on your screens tonight?

This Monday, May 16, 2022, Large Families, life in XXL, welcomes a whole new tribe. Discover the Pavoni family exclusively.

Great novelty for the show Families Many, life in XXL, broadcast on TF1. Since March 23, the changes have multiplied in the episodes. If the viewers were able to discover the continuation of the adventures of certain clans like the Galli, the Jean Zéphirin or the Santoro. They also got to know new tribes and after the arrival of the Huberts, the Provenchères or even the Servières, tonight, the program opens its doors once again and welcomes a whole new clan.

Exclusively for Aufeminin, we went to meet this ever-growing tribe: the Pavoni. To do this, head south, towards the Vaucluse where Agnès and Romain, in a relationship for 12 years. They are the proud parents of 4 children, 4 boys: Giulian, the eldest, 10 years old, Gianni, 8 years old, Roméo, 4 years old and Lissandro 20 months. A fusional and complicit family that is about to welcome a brand new member into its ranks. In effect, Agnès is pregnant again and surprised: she is a little girl who will join the clan very soon. The opportunity for fans of the show to discover the daily life of this family full of life.

An unexpected event

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When they met in the bank, in which Agnès worked, the couple had no idea what the future held for them and they lived their daily lives from day to day.
We never had a typical family plan. With Romain, we take life as it comes. We listen to our desires and desires. So when we had baby cravings, we listened to each other and we grew the family.”says the mother.

After welcoming 4 boys, Agnès and Romain chose to expand their family once again and to their surprise it is a little girl. An unexpected event for the tribe.
“I didn’t believe it for a very long time!”says Roman.
It was really unexpected for us, we had mourned this little girl. It was really amazing, that’s the perfect word I think: amazing.”continues the mother before explaining: “Por our eldest son we were told it was a little girl. But I remained convinced that it was a little boy. And finally my premonition was the right one and at the ultrasound of the 2nd trimester we were told that it was a little boy. So since the birth of Giulian, we say to ourselves ‘the next one will be a girl’ and it finally happened”

A secret entry

So when Agnès’ relatives learned the news, it was obvious: they had to apply for the show.
“They gave me the idea of ​​applying for the show because we have a life at 100km/h, we have lots of projects, we are always very active, we never get bored.”she explains.

I applied in secret via the agency La petite bonne, without really expecting anything in return. And 3 days later, the agency called me back and it was gone. So I had to tell Romain and the children, who absolutely did not believe it at first. And finally we lent ourselves to the game and we really enjoyed the experience. Our goal is to keep memories of these moments for life.. It’s just magic”she concluded.

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