Who is Barbara Pravi, the feminist singer who will represent France at Eurovision?

27-year-old French singer-songwriter Barbara Pravi won the French selection for Eurovision Song Contest with her song "Voilà".

We know the name of the one who will represent France at the 2021 edition of Eurovision which will take place in Rotterdam in the Netherlands next May. This is the 27-year-old Parisian, Barbara Pravi, a talented singer-songwriter. The young woman became known in 2016 thanks to the credits of the film Heidi then by releasing his first single "Not grow up"in 2017. In 2020, she unveiled a 5 track EP titled"Come back for winterIn addition to her compositions, she has written songs for artists such as Chimède Badi, Yannick Noah, Julie Zenatti and Jaden Smith.

We already compare her to the sacred monsters of song, Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel. "I would be very unhappy to be annoyed by these comparisons. That’s a huge compliment! I call it 'old French song' because these artists are dead, but their songs are not 'old' either: the lyrics remain extremely current and the melodies, like all great melodies, are timeless. ", she confided to 20 minutes.

Barbara Parvi admitted that she hesitated before making the Eurovision Song Contest because she had "scared, serious ". This is one of the reasons why she declined several times the proposals of the production of The Voice who would have liked her to join the program. "I was so aware of the stakes, of what it represents, of the media coverage … that if I ever showed up for Eurovision, it had to be with a song that I could wear, that had value for me, I would never be ashamed of. ", she revealed at the beginning of the month.

A feminist activist

Barbara Parvi is firmly committed to women's rights. "I mainly tell things that I have lived. Le Malamour (Editor's note: one of his songs) tells a story that I experienced since I was punched by my boyfriend when I was younger.", she explained to Nagui during her visit to the set of Taratata in 2018. The young woman also joined a collective of 39 women where we find Olivia Ruiz, Elodie Fregé and Agnés Jaoui to perform the anthem of the Women's Liberation Movement (MLF), Standing women. Barbara Pravi also makes her voice heard on Instagram as "generator of women's history". "Freeing the voice of women does not mean excluding others, on the contrary. The ideal being that men and women must evolve together, we are doomed to live together.", she assured during an interview with Aficia. While the young woman loves "write stories that reach you", she hopes that "his crazy dream" will become reality next May.

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