Who is Jules Grandin, the new columnist for Daily Life?

Yann Barthès welcomed a new columnist in Day-to-day, this Thursday, January 13. But who is Jules Grandin? We make the presentations.

Since the beggining of the school year, Day-to-day follows the electoral campaign for the presidential election of 2022 every day. The teams of the talk-show, taken to task by the activists, had thus been exfiltrated from the first meeting of Eric Zemmour at the Palais des Congrès in Villepinte in Seine-Saint- Dennis. “The whole day will have been tense. And for the first time, we made the choice to leave a meeting before the end”, noted on this occasion the journalist Sophie Dupont. This Thursday, January 13, a new columnist has joined the TMC show team for a weekly column. His face is unknown to the general public, and for good reason, he is a journalist from the written press.

A cartographer who will analyze the presidential campaign

Jules Grandin will present a new section every Thursday which will consist of mapping the presidential election, as explained by Yann Barthès. It must be said that the young man is a cartographer by training and currently works as head of the cartography department at the newspaper The echoes. “I make maps and graphs, which are brought to appear in the newspapers. Beyond the classic maps and charts that we are used to seeing in newspapers, what I like to do is maps with a twist: try to map things that are not usually mapped, explained the new columnist. For example, he produced a large map of Macronie showing the profiles of the President of the Republic and Edouard Philippe for The echoes. For its premiere, it analyzed the birthplaces of all French leaders, from Saint Louis to Emmanuel Macron.

Her Instagram has garnered admiration from the show’s other columnists

A graduate of a Master’s degree in cartography from La Sorbonne, Jules Grandin was previously a cartographer at the newspaper The world. He has been teaching since 2015 at the Sciences Po journalism school. He has published a book called The Moliere Atlas, in which he maps the work of the French playwright. Yann Barthes had fun testing his columnists on the photos posted by the young man on his Instagram account. By pareidolia, the latter thus detects, in different elements of daily life, countries. A gift that amused his new colleagues.

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