“Who is stealing the show from me?”: Shirin David will host the next issue

“Who is stealing the show from me?”
Shirin David will moderate the next issue

Shirin David is the new host of “Who is stealing the show from me?”

© ProSieben / Max Beutler

Joko Winterscheidt could not get his show back. Instead, Shirin David will moderate the next issue.

First Joko Winterscheidt (42), then Bastian Pastewka (49) and now Shirin David (26): The rapper will be the upcoming edition of “Who is stealing the show from me?” moderate on ProSieben. She was able to prevail in the final against Pastewka, who had previously stolen the program from Winterscheidt. The winner of the format will always be the moderator of the following issue and must defend the job that has been won.

Joko’s undoing was a question of estimation

As always, the four participants – this time Winterscheidt, David, comedian Teddy Teclebrhan (37) and wildcard candidate Laura – first had to master numerous games before one was allowed to play for the show against this time host Pastewka. Teclebrhan was the first to drop out, Laura followed. In the last game that David won, the rapper and Winterscheidt had to read from a teleprompter and fill in a blank text. Since there was a tie after the challenge, the two had to answer an estimation question. With her estimate of ten meters, David was closer to the height of the studio ceiling (just over 14 meters) and thus made it into the final.

In several rounds, the 26-year-old, who answered only one question incorrectly, was finally able to confidently prevail against Pastewka. While he couldn’t say which brand translates as “radiation protection” (Ray-Ban) and that the models from the automaker Tesla make up the word “sexy” (he typed Saab), they didn’t know that the textbook of an opera Libretto is called.

“Who painted a dozen sunflowers in a vase in 1888?” With a score of four to three points, the rapper was also able to answer this last question correctly. Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) thus helped her to victory. The next episode with Shirin David as the presenter will air on August 10 from 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben.