“Who murdered Sara?” Ende explains: Who is the culprit?

“Who murdered Sara?” Puzzled the series fans. We explain to you who is behind the attack in the Netflix hit of 2021 and clarify open questions.

Fans racked their brains and the minutes until the season finale were excruciatingly endless: Netflix put viewers to the test with its 2021 series hit “Who Murdered Sara?”. The question of the murderer and the motives responsible for the death of the young woman made the forums glow. It was a long back and forth, but the final gave longed-for answers. We have put together all the information for you so that you know how to explain the end of the series.

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“Who murdered Sara?”: This is how the series ends

Warning: spoilers will follow at the end of the series!

The young Sara (Ximena Lamadrid) had a fatal accident on a boat trip. However, the investigations show that the tragic accident was by no means an accident. The manipulation of her parachute ensured that Sara fell meters deep. In the final episode of season two, all flashbacks and confessions indicate that Marifer (Litzy) is the culprit. She cut the ropes and left Sara to her fate. Although the sabotage should have resulted in death, the cause of death was different. This twist proves that the makers of “Who Murdered Sara?” Did not have a simple solution in mind.

In the end, Álex (Manolo Cardona) and Elisa (Carolina Miranda) believe that Marifer is to blame, but the truth is trickier. In the last shot of the final episode, Nicandro (Matias Novoa) is on the phone with Dr. Alanis (Daniel Giménez Cacho) and reveals a shocking surprise: Together they were responsible for death!

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Open motifs in “Who Murdered Sara?”

Unfortunately, the authors of the series do not give any answers as to why Nicandro has Sara on his conscience. The only thing undisputed is that the murderer revealed himself to the audience. The partially open end works great as a cliffhanger, because a third season is not yet off the table at Netflix. With this series, it is never certain whether the new episodes will answer all questions.

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