“Who steals the show from me”: Can’t get past Joko Winterscheidt?

“Who steals the show from me”
Can’t get past Joko Winterscheidt?

Joko Winterscheidt close on his heels: Nilam Farooq.

© ProSieben / Timmy Hargesheimer

Second episode “Who steals the show from me” – second win for Joko Winterscheidt? This time Nilam Farooq was allowed to compete against him in the final.

At the start of the fourth season of “Who steals the show from me”, the old and new presenter was called Joko Winterscheidt (43). Consequently, in episode two (8:15 p.m., ProSieben and on Joyn), Olli Schulz (48), Nilam Farooq (32), Fahri Yardim (42) and the new wildcard candidate Marina worked particularly hard to overthrow the owner. In the person of Schulz, however, a bad reputation also obliged – and so, according to his own statement, “Germany’s stupidest celebrity” was eliminated this time as the first participant – despite copying! His last words: “That’s why I’m successful with women!”

In contrast to the first issue of the new season, the self-confident wildcard Marina quickly blossomed into the secret favourite. The first coin of the evening still went to Yardim, who now only wanted to let love prevail from the riot mode of the first episode – but instead Farooq painted indecent pictures in the cabin and Winterscheidt in the best Kinski mania (r) approached as “pig”. .

The lords of creation disappoint

The race between the two and Farooq was as tight as possible, at times it was 14 to 14 to 14. But then, out of nowhere, the actress passed her opponent and secured her place in the semi-finals. As a result, Yardim had to play Marina, the actor was left behind in the guessing question this time. So the semi-finals were entirely in female hands.

This time, too, turned out to be extremely exciting. With only one point in front and two coins, Farooq made it to the finish, i.e. to the final. There, the head-to-head race continued unabated. Four to four there was the final question – and only Winterscheidt knew that. In episode three he will be allowed to lead the show again.


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