“Who steals the show from me”: Joko triumphs and gives away his cover picture

“Who steals the show from me”
Joko triumphs and gives away his cover picture

Not only a winner, but also a gentleman: Joko Winterscheidt.

© © ProSieben / Max Beutler

The finale of “Who steals the show from me” has risen. The conclusion: an expected winner, but a surprising winner of the hearts.

The final of the second season of “Who steals me the show” took place on Tuesday evening (August 17th) with a double change in the line-up. In addition to the obligatory change on the place of the wildcard participant, rapper Shirin David (26) also had to be replaced. In the previous edition, when Joko Winterscheidt (42) was able to win his show back from her, she moderated with a broken ankle. As her replacement at the council desk, Palina Rojinski (36) returned, who had already tried unsuccessfully in season one to steal the show from Joko. A more than worthy replacement, as it turned out.

Pastewkas complete dropouts

As the first participant, wildcard candidate Steffi had to give up the sails. Bastian Pastewka (49) then caught it in the second tier, for a very strange reason. In the stab estimation question against Teddy Teclebrhan (37), he suspected that Germans drank an average of 4,500 liters of beer per capita in 2020 – which would mean a stupid twelve liters a day. Teclebrhan was also ridiculously wrong with 800 liters per capita, but not as blatant as Pastewka. But he didn’t fool himself into the final either.

In the end, the spontaneous successor Rojinski was in the final, as in the final of season one, this time against Joko Winterscheidt. Since it was the last episode for the time being, there was no show to steal this time. The much more prestigious award was also in season two to adorn the cover of the puzzle magazine “Witziges Rätsel-Karussell” (in stores from August 18th).

And as in the fight against Elyas M’Barek (39) at the beginning of the year, Rojinski stumbled shortly before the finish line, so that Winterscheidt triumphed and landed on the cover. In fact. In the end he announced that he was completely the show gentleman, that he would not claim this honor for himself, but would leave it to the injured Shirin David.

More show madness is coming

Incidentally, the station ProSieben published good news shortly before the show. It was communicated via Twitter: To take notes. To take part in the puzzle. The third season #WSMDS comes in 2022. With the father of success @officiallyjoko. We are happy.”