Who wants to be a millionaire?: Celebrity special with Anke Engelke and Horst Lichter

Before the summer break starts again, RTL shows a celebrity special from "Wer wird Millionär?". As always, several celebrities will take a seat on the quiz chair to earn as much money as possible for a good cause on Whit Monday (8:15 p.m. at RTL).

This time there are comedian and actress Anke Engelke (54, "Ladykracher"), cook and author Horst Lichter (58), actor Henning Baum (47) and the comedian Ilka, known among others from "Let's Dance" and as "Cindy from Marzahn" Bessin (48). This issue is of course moderated by Günther Jauch (63).

Repetitions planned

In the previous "celebrity specials" a total of around 27 million euros were raised for a good cause. Thomas Gottschalk (2008), Oliver Pocher (2008) and Barbara Schöneberger (2011) each won the million.

From June 8th there will be four repetitions of "Who wants to be a millionaire?" give to see. These are episodes in which a regular candidate was also able to secure the maximum amount. The last four million winners will be shown. Cologne's Ronald Tenholte, who became a quiz millionaire in March 2020, is starting. His predecessor: The doctoral student and event organizer Leon Windscheid last answered all questions correctly in 2015.

You can see the whole thing not only on TV, but also on "TV Now".