Whoops ! Kate Middleton breaks protocol by making a huge blunder in Wales

Just named Princess of Wales following the coronation of Charles III, Kate Middleton granted her first official visit to two Welsh provinces. Problem: during this trip, the wife of prince William broke the protocol. Which did not go unnoticed by the British media.

We put it on the back of fatigue. Following a fortnight of national mourning after the death of the former Queen of England Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022, which were totally exhausting, Kate Middleton and Prince William were finally able to start their new life. Just named Princess and Prince of Wales, the royal couple had to resume the obligations that their new title does not allow them to avoid. Thus, the two lovebirds went to Wales, their new stronghold, this Tuesday, September 27 for an official visit to the soil of the provinces of Swansea and Anglesey.

But not everything went as planned for Kate Middleton, who nevertheless wanted to look good for her first official trip since the funeral of Elizabeth II. While she and her husband, Prince William, were visiting a church transformed into a community center, Kate Middleton would have dropped a small comment which was meant to be comforting to the volunteers. But his tongue seems to have forked. Your turn to judge : “With inflation, many people in need need your help”she declared in front of an assembly of volunteer workers.

Kate Middleton broke royal family protocol by giving political advice

If, on the surface, it doesn’t seem worth making a matter of state, this little phrase has gone unnoticed by the British press. Why ? Because the Princess of Wales commented and gave her opinion on the deep crisis which is shaking the United Kingdom, a mistake that members of the royal family must not make. Indeed, royalty must in no way interfere in the political and economic life of Great Britain. Out of respect for the Constitution, each member of the family that rules the UK must remain completely neutral, as they did not achieve this status through an election.

This error seems all the more incomprehensible on the part of Kate Middleton that the latter has never made the slightest misstep since her union with prince William, in addition to ten years of good and loyal service to the royal family. Inevitably alerted by this blunder, Kensington Palace was forced to react immediately. But the Wales spokesman kicked into touch to prevent the controversy from escalating around Kate Middleton, who would be the most beloved personality of the royal family, according to several observers. “Given the many visits and conversations that day, it is impossible for us to verify whether these comments were actually made”has it simply been officially declared.

Welsh people rebel against royalty

This little blunder is certainly explained by the great fatigue generated by these fifteen days of national mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. But it must be said that this mini controversy falls very badly: despite all their efforts to try to meet their new obligations, the Prince and Princess of Wales are targeted by a large petition in Wales. Many residents feel that their appointment is not “that a symbol of historical oppression and that their existence denigrates Wales as a nation and a country”. These claims against the English monarchy could escalate at William’s official coronation as Prince of Wales. Because obviously, this ceremony should be very expensive for the Welsh taxpayers. To be continued…

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