Why Amazon Doesn’t Regret Spending $450 Million on ‘The Rings of Power’

Louise Bernard

The show “The Rings of Power” is a huge success on Amazon Prime Video. The series around the “Lord of the Rings” would be watched by nearly 100 million subscribers to the platform, says the American company. The head of the studio, Jennifer Salke, therefore quite naturally affirmed that the 450 million dollars invested in the program were money well spent…

Two episodes from the end, season 1 of rings of power was really the event that Prime Video was hoping for. Everywhere in the world, each episode is awaited every Friday by millions of subscribers to the platform. Faced with this success, Amazon Prime Video revealed the phenomenal audiences of the show around the Lord of the Ringsthe work of Tolkien.

Nearly 100 million subscribers would watch The Rings of Power

Amazon had already revealed the launch figures: 25 million subscribers had seen the series on the first day. A month later, the firm claims an audience of nearly 100 million subscribers, according to studio head Jennifer Salke. However, these figures cannot be verified. They are communicated by the American company only.

“Money well spent!”

And Jennifer Salke also confirms, in the same magazine interview variety, the astronomical cost of the first season: 450 million dollars. A sum that she justifies: “We are building infrastructure for five seasons. We are building a small town. It was always planned to spend what was necessary to do things right”. And, she adds, “I think at the end of the day, it was really money well spent!”

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