Why Anthony Colette is convinced that he will not win “Dancing with the Stars” with Natasha St-Pier: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Natasha and I won’t win, I tell you.” These are words that we didn’t expect to hear from Anthony Colette’s mouth. Sunday April 14, 2024, in a live broadcast on his Twitch channel, the famous dancer spoke to his subscribers about his participation in season 13 of Dance with the stars. Iconic face of the TF1 show since 2017, this year he is in a duo with singer Natasha St-Pier. But in his eyes, one thing is certain: their couple will not win the dance competition. “To tell you the truth – I hope that no one at TF1 watches this live – but when I started the DALS season, I understood that I was with Natasha St-Pier and a few people from production m ‘have said : ‘Listen Anthony, you’re with Natasha St-Pier, all that. You’re not going to get far on the show. You will do four bonuses, if you do five that’s phew’”said the one who is today among the last five candidates in the running.

Natasha St-Pier, “she’s not a dancer at all”

Indeed, this warning would be due to “dance level” from his partner: “She’s never danced, she’s not a dancer at all, we saw his casting for Dancing with the Stars, it’s not going well at allthey couldn’t get her to dance, it was complicated.” If he knows that television sometimes reserves a few “surprises”, Anthony Colette remains convinced that he will not leave with the trophy this time. “Already, if I go to the final, I will have the impression of having won the show because I never thought I would go to the semi-final with her. If we go to the final, that’s good, I’ll release the pressure, for me the show is won”however, prefers to put the dancer into perspective.

“I think there will be three couples in the final and at the end, there must be two left, it’s the jury who will determine who jumps, who clears before the public vote. You can imagine that if we go to the final, we will jump. IThey’re going to blow up anyone in our face, I think. That’s why I say it’s fucked up”, however added the ex-companion of Iris Mittenaere. Nothing to do with the recent controversy which surrounded his partner, Natasha St-Pier, and their opponent Inès Reg. As a reminder, a conflict had broken out between the two women behind the scenes, forcing them each to tell their own version of the facts via social networks. A story that caused a stir.

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