why are his relations with Laeticia Hallyday so tense?


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Close to Johnny Hallyday until his death, Eddy Mitchell seems to have some resentment towards his last wife, Laeticia Hallyday.

“I even find it quite morbid.” On stage as in private life, Eddy Mitchell and Johnny Hallyday were inseparable. Although very modest about their relationship, especially since the latter’s death, Eddy Mitchell confided in November 2021 on the end of their relationship and his mourning near the show seven to eight. During this exchange, he also returned to his perception of the various tributes paid to his friend and the various events organized by Laeticia Hallyday.

“Fuck it”he replied when asked what he thought of the memory of his friend “staged by Laeticia”posthumous albums and statues bearing his likeness. “It doesn’t interest me at all, he explained categorically. That’s not for me!” If he confided that it did not bother him and that Johnny Hallyday’s family was free to do what she wantshe admitted finding the different approaches “pretty morbid”. “Soon they’ll put it, I don’t know, with a feather in its ass hanging anywhere”he answered very cash.

Moreover, in September last year, he made it clear that he did not think that the funds for the concert organized in honor of Johnny Hallyday would be donated to an association as announced by Laeticia Hallyday. “But of course…”he had replied to the journalists of Pure Chartswhen they reminded him of the charitable significance of the event, “inflating a cheek and pressing it with his finger”. So it would seem that the crooner did not appreciate the manner in which his friend’s memory and career were honored.

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The friendship of Johnny Hallyday and Eddy Mitchell until the end

In this same program, Eddy Mitchell confided that he had visited Johnny Hallyday a few days before his death. Together they had watched a movie and hadn’t really spoken. The singer preferred “leave alone” his friend. For him, there was no need to tell her anything, even knowing his days were numbered. “If we’re there, it’s because we love it, there’s no need to say it, because that’s too much, it’s station romance”confided the interpreter of Water-based mint color. He asserted, moreover, that he had, for his part, no never had any constraint “at the level of ‘family’.

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