Why are YouTuber Mister V’s burgers with KFC creating controversy?

YouTuber Mister V has launched a burger, in partnership with KFC. Announced on May 14, 2024, the collaboration is the subject of online controversy. Calls for a boycott were launched.

Scarmozza, tomatoes, crispy chicken, and a big dose of controversy: the launch of the “Delamama Burger”, the collaboration between YouTuber Mister V and KFC, is not going exactly as planned. Announced with great fanfare on May 14, 2025, this operation was to mark the YouTuber’s (6.3 million subscribers) return to the restaurant business, after a pizza collection launched in 2022 at Auchan and Carrefour.

However, as noticed the journalist Vincent Manilève on X (ex-Twitter), just a few hours after the announcement, the operation had already taken a negative turn for the YouTuber. He explains that ” the parent company of KFC being accused of having invested in an Israeli startup, the launch went very badly and many Internet users called for a boycott. The account blocked replies to his tweets. »

Numerama has verified that the message of KFC France on his X account is indeed restricted, it is impossible to answer it. However, it remains possible to share it, and Internet users do not deprive themselves of it: numerous messages calling for a boycott are visible in the quotes.

Influencers and brands targeted by calls for boycott

This call for a boycott is part of a more general movement on social networks: #Blockout2024. Created after the Met Gala by Internet users, it targets influencers and stars who have remained silent about the war between Israel and Hamas. The participants call for blocking on social networks personalities who do not defend the Palestinians, or who help the Israeli government.

In the quotes from the KFC message, we see many publications using this hashtag and calling for a boycott. “ We will not support a partnership with a brand that participates in the genocide “, noted a user of Everyone who plans to go for a snack: ON BOYCOTT “, encourages another. On Instagram too, the collaboration is criticized. “ I really liked your content but a collab with kfc? Didn’t you (sic) find anything better? “, ” Boycott KFC disappointed with this collaboration I unsubscribe 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸 », We can also read under Mister V’s Instagram publication.

On X, users call for a boycott // Source: Numerama screenshot /
On X, users call for a boycott // Source: Numerama/X screenshot

Why did you specifically target this campaign? As Vincent Manilève points out, more than the influencer, it is the brand itself which is targeted by calls for a boycott. Indeed, KFC is owned by Yum Brands, which appears in a list calling for a boycott of certain brands. Yum Brand has invested in the Israeli startup TicTuk, which allows food orders to be placed directly from messaging applications.

Fortune had already revealed in February that the brand’s sales had ” been affected by the conflict in the Middle East ”, without going into details. Yum Brands was not the only fast-food chain targeted by the boycott: Starbucks and McDonalds are facing the same situation, and are experiencing slowdowns or even a drop in their turnover. As for the influencers targeted by #Blockout2024, the campaign also seems to be working: according to DNA, since the beginning of the month, Kim Kardashian has lost 811,000 subscribers on Instagram, Beyoncé 696,000, and Zendaya 166,000.

For the moment, neither KFC nor Mister V have commented on the calls for a boycott on their social networks. Contacted, KFC had not yet responded to Numerama’s questions at the time of publication of this article.

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