Why chocolate cake for breakfast is a great idea

Why chocolate cake for breakfast is a great idea

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Enjoying a piece of chocolate cake in the morning and getting smart and slim at the same time – impossible? The results of one study say otherwise.

We secretly suspected it for a long time, but now it's finally confirmed: Chocolate is ideal for a good start to the day. Researchers at the University of Syracuse in New York have found that chocolate has a positive effect on cognitive abilities and gives your brain a bitter slap towards high performance. If you then add eggs, which are considered an absolute power booster, and bake a chocolate cake, you get the ideal breakfast … right?

Brain doping in the morning: starting the day with chocolate

The result of the study: the chocolate significantly increased the participants' performance. Of the 968 people who went through various tests, those who had previously been "doped" with chocolate showed the better results. The working memory as well as the abstract thinking and the visual-spatial memory functioned significantly better after the enjoyment. You can achieve a similar effect with a piece of chocolate cake in the morning.

Here you will find the best recipes for Chocolate cake:

A positive side effect: no matter how absurd it may sound, chocolate cake for breakfast – consumed in moderation – should help you lose weight. Because chocolate is not always bad for the figure – it depends on the timing. If the desire for sweets is satisfied early in the morning, it dampens the desire for food – especially sweets and chocolate – for the rest of the day. This makes you happy and makes it easier to lose weight, as the researchers found in this context.

Chocolate cake for breakfast every day?

No, unfortunately not! Because, as always, too much of a good thing has the opposite effect, after all, chocolate cake contains lots of sugar and simple carbohydrates. This is bad for your teeth and makes you fat in the long run. Nevertheless: Small amounts of dark chocolate per day are okay, they satisfy the "chocolate power" and even protect the cardiovascular system.

So try to add dark chocolate to your healthy breakfast every now and then. Overnight oats with chocolate and raspberries or with chocolate, strawberries and yoghurt also sound extremely tempting, right? Many recipes for overnight oats can be refined with dark chocolate. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast now and then. Your inner Bridget Jones will be happy!