why did he inherit less money than his brother Harry?


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Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the mother of Elizabeth II, had decided to bequeath two thirds of her fortune to her two great-grandsons, but not in equal parts, find out why.

Princes Harry and William keep an excellent memory of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the one everyone nicknamed Queen Mum. The Queen of England’s mother was strict but gentle, especially with her great-grandsons. In 1994, she had set the conditions for her legacies. Eight years before her death, she had decided to invest the equivalent of two-thirds of his fortune in a trust fund reserved for Princes William and Harry. However, this inheritance was not distributed in equal parts : Queen Mum had decided to bequeath more money to the youngest of the siblings for a noble reason, that of fairness. Indeed, of the 12.2 million euros to be shared, Meghan Markle’s husband received a larger share. Elizabeth II’s mother knew that Prince William was destined to ascend the throne behind his fatherwhich is why Prince Harry was privileged.

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Queen Mum knew that Prince William “would take advantage of his future position as king”. Indeed, as the second heir to the crown, the Duke of Cambridge will take over the Duchy of Cornwalla private property of 53,000 hectares which finances public and private activities, but also the charities of its owner. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was therefore more generous with Prince Harry in order to compensate for this imbalance. By the time they turned 25, Prince Charles’ children had also received part of the inheritance from their late mother, Lady Diana, amounting at 22 million euros. On their thirtieth birthday, the two brothers received the second part.

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