Why do health workers go on strike?

In many cities in France demonstrations of health personnel take place. What are their demands after their mobilization during the crisis?

by Mathilde Wattecamps

No return to the abnormal! “ This is the message that the ultra-mobilized health workers wish to send during the Covid crisis19 want to send. Applauded, erected as heroes, the caregivers demand that this recognition be translated in a concrete way.
So far, many prize pools from citizens' organizations have been created. The government also proposed a commitment medal for caregivers. This controversial proposal had been strongly criticized and rejected by organizations representing hospital staff.

This is why today there are many mobilizations in France: in Paris in front of the Ministry of Health, in Caen, in Bordeaux, Dunkirk, Toulon, Nancy and Perpignan… Dozens of rallies will take place in front of establishments health or prefectures.
Unions and collectives are brought together by five main demands: raising wages, training and recruitment plan, unlocking budgets, stopping closings and responding to medical deserts.
This call for the mobilization of all citizens is made right in the “Ségur de la Santé”, which brings together health care and government to reflect on the resources allocated.
It will be an opportunity to remind the government that it is not possible to provide proper care in the face of constant improvisation and lack of resources, especially in the hospital.

Video by Loïcia Fouillen