Why does Gen Z no longer want to wear skinny jeans?


It's official, Gen Z is declaring the end of the reign of skinny jeans. But why do these jeans that we loved so much no longer seduce us? We take stock with Dinah Sultan, stylist at the Peclers Paris trend office.

Skinny jeans have completely revolutionized fashion. Today, it's a basic, a timeless one that we all have in our closet. It's simple, no pants have been as successful as they are. "Skinny jeans saved the denim industry, that's why they were so successful when released», Explains Dinah Sultan, stylist at the Peclers Paris trend office. And if we loved it, it's because it highlighted our legs and our buttocks thanks to its shaping side.

But in 2021, Generation Z no longer wants these slim jeans and is now turning to slightly more baggy shapes typical of the 90s. "The reason the younger generation is shouting the end of the skinny is because they really grab their own style», Continues Dinah Sultan. A bit like ballerinas, skinny jeans have become a “no go” product. It is a product that has been seen too much and has been worn to the core.

Skinny jeans, more so comfortable than that

If we found them elegant and flattering, skinny jeans have lost their charm and unfortunately don't make us dream as much as before. "Skinny jeans were in fashion when pop rock music was booming. Today, we listen to more rap and RnB, so slightly larger jeans are naturally more trendy»Explains Dinah Sultan. But beyond that, and even more with the current health context, Generation Z now favors comfort and shuns the skinny side in favor of pants with wider cuts.

A desire to better consume fashion

If skinny jeans are no longer attractive, it is because there is also a desire to consume better fashion. Indeed, unlike Millennials – who have absolutely no intention of drawing a line on skinny jeans – Generation Z is more sensitive to its impact on the environment and is gradually changing its consumption habits. It turns more to ethical brands and buys more pieces made from eco-responsible materials. "Skinny jeans all contain elastane and therefore cannot be recycled. Raw canvas jeans, for example, are more durable over time and much more resistant», Tells us Dinah Sultan.

But, is this really the end of skinny jeans?

If skinny jeans are currently at the heart of a raging debate between Generation Z and Millennials, they are pants that, despite everything, will always remain in our wardrobes. "Skinny jeans are still the flagship of the fashion collections. It’s a safe bet, a piece that is still very popular with the French», Notes Dinah Sultan. "Skinny jeans are therefore not afraid of bankruptcy, but the new generation is getting rid of them because they now create their own dress codes», Concludes the stylist.

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