Why does the Ministry of the Economy want to be able to consult your bank accounts?

Mathieu Grumiaux

October 05, 2022 at 4:20 p.m.


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Bercy wanted to retrieve the details of each French bank account, but has for the moment been opposed to an unfavorable opinion.

It is a request from the Ministry of Economy and Finance that has gone completely unnoticed which was spotted by our colleagues on the site Next INpact.

Bercy wishes

On September 15, 2021, Bercy wished, as part of the modernization of the bank account file (Ficoba), to integrate into the latter the details of each bank account opened on national soil. Created in 1972, the Ficoba lists all the bank accounts and the names of their owners, without any mention of the remaining balance or of the various operations. It is accessible to the tax administration, social security and the various legal authorities in order to fight against fraud.

Nevertheless, the data present in the Ficoba no longer seems sufficient for the Ministry of the Economy, which therefore requested in a letter the completeness ” transactions carried out on bank accounts “. Clearly, Bercy would have been able to know how each individual and each company spent their money, under the guise of better tracking financial offenders.

A misunderstood and rejected request

The Interministerial Digital Department (Dinum) replied to the ministry in a letter and issued an unfavorable opinion on this request. ” The use cases of these balances and these operations are not detailed, and their compliance with the current legal framework does not seem to me to be sufficiently solid. », notes the former director of the Dinum, Nadi Bou Hanna. It also notes in its response that no parliamentary debate has taken place on this specific subject and also recommends that the departments of the ministry first consult the CNIL to ensure compliance with the changes requested.

Asked by Tech&Cothe General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP) indicates that this modernization of Ficoba is no longer relevant and explains in passing that the only data requested by Bercy at the time were the balances of bank accounts as well as the number of transactions carried out each month, but not all of the transactions made each day by individuals and businesses.

If the project were to reappear in the coming months, the DGFiP ensures that “ all the necessary legal consultations will be carried out beforehand before a possible evolution of the legal framework which would itself, by definition, be the subject of a public debate at the time of the discussion of the law “.

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