Why France has not experienced a “great resignation”

In catering, many employees have resigned to go to other sectors such as construction or logistics. Benoit Durand / Hans Lucas via Reuters Connect

ANALYSIS – Contrary to popular belief, the French did not flee the business world in the aftermath of the Covid crisis.

Do the French still like work? In view of the outcry caused by the pension reform, the question may arise. However, from representatives of employees to those of employers, via the government and polling institutes, all agree that our fellow citizens still give such an important place to their profession.

An attachment that neither the Covid crisis nor the successive confinements could alter. Enough to call into question the existence of a “great resignation”, this massive flight of employees out of the world of work that some experts were quick to theorize in the aftermath of the pandemic.

“The employment rate in France has never been so high”immediately underlines the economist Philippe Crevel, to point out the inconsistency of such a vision (68.3% of 15-64 year olds according to INSEE, its highest level since the organization began to measure it in 1975).

There has certainly been a return of resignations but with the aim of finding another…

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