“Why hold back?” : Marc Lavoine responds to those who find that he cries too much in The Voice

Does Marc Lavoine have tears too easy? In any case, this is what the criticisms he received during the last edition of The Voice suggest. The singer gives his point of view on the question…

Its sensitivity is no longer to be proven. In addition to writing and performing romantic songs at will, Marc Lavoine is also a great affective. A part of his personality that he did not hide from the moment he joined the jury of The Voice in 2020 as a coach. During the last edition in which he participated – season 10 – his protege Jim Bauer had reached the steps of the final but was narrowly overtaken by Marghe, from Florent Pagny’s team. Despite everything, the numerous programs during which the candidates performed earned Marc Lavoine beautiful moments of emotion. His shed tears were widely commented on and on January 13, when he granted an interview to Paris Match, he spoke about these moments of vulnerability.

“From time to time, it wakes up”

“I was blamed for it. I cry a lot, it is true. Apparently too much. Corn why hold back? ‘Look at a child crying, my friend Alexandre Jollien told me: he empties himself and, immediately afterwards, he can laugh heartily.’ We don’t dare empty ourselves. The tears stay there, in the mountains of our cranium and, from time to time, like a volcano, it wakes up and flows for no reason.” So what are these tears that dare to wake up in Marc Lavoine due to, not only during his appearances in The Voice but also on other occasions? The singer developed his analysis on vulnerability.

“Accept to grow old”

“I think of Meryl Streep, this immense actress. The older she gets, the more I find her extraordinary. She is beautiful and beyond. She has a crazy charm.” The charm that Marc Lavoine defines by “the humanity of a face that has lived. I am, you are, we are vulnerable. The charm is perhaps this: accepting to grow old, finally admit your vulnerability, he confides to the magazine. We should therefore be served and have the right to new touching moments during the next season of The Voice which should be broadcast very soon on our screens according to a recent announcement by TF1.

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