Why infectious disease specialist Éric Caumes is optimistic about the evolution of the epidemic

Solene Leroux
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12:18 p.m., January 14, 2022

Professor Éric Caumes gave a little hope this morning on Europe 1. Guest of Dimitri Pavlenko, the infectious disease specialist spoke of a coronavirus “less and less pathogenic as the waves follow one another”. A possibility that he evokes with regard to the history of epidemics.

A source of hope. Guest of Dimitri Pavlenko in Europe Matin this Friday, Professor Éric Caumes gave some reasons for hope about the next waves of Covid-19. “The optimistic scenario, and it is the good scenario, based on the history of epidemics, in particular on the history of the last known coronavirus. With the latter, “that’s what happened,” says the specialist. “We go, from wave to wave, less and less pathogenic as the waves arrive.” And to recall that this potential scenario is possible thanks to “what the history of epidemics teaches us”.

The beginning of the end of the crisis?

Asked about the beginning of a way out of the health crisis, the infectious disease specialist was still cautious. “None of us will dare to tell you,” he assured. “Especially right now, when we are facing an explosive wave” of coronavirus. If this fifth wave seems less virulent than the last, it “mainly affects young people”, recalls Éric Caumes. “Because they are the least vaccinated, but also since that is where it circulates the most.”

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