Why is Black Friday the best time to subscribe to a VPN offer?

Using a VPN has a plethora of benefits in your daily life. Maximum security, anonymity, many are the advantages of such a service. And for this Black Friday NordVPN, one of the best hosts, offers packages whose prices drop up to 68% of their initial price. A golden opportunity that will end on November 30.

In 2022, equipping yourself with a VPN allows you to benefit from a whole host of very interesting advantages. Securing your connection to browse the internet in complete peace of mind is obviously the first use of the tool. Bypassing access restrictions to certain sites in certain countries, or even being able to compare prices on certain products is another.

In short, there are only good reasons to subscribe to a VPN offer, especially during Black Friday. That’s good, until November 30, the host offers reductions on two years of subscription of up to -68%.

Securing your connection to navigate in peace

In 2022, the security of your navigation has become a priority. Why ? Quite simply because by connecting from your computer or your smartphone without using a VPN, it is much easier to follow your movements on the web.

On desktop or mobile, using NordVPN is simple and intuitive. // Source: Humanoid XP

Using a VPN therefore allows two things: relocating your IP address and encrypting your connection to create a secure tunnel guaranteeing your anonymity on the internet.

However, on this point, not all VPNs are created equal. When you want to protect your connection, it is best to choose a VPN that has a large number of servers spread across the world. NordVPN, with no less than 5200 servers in 60 countries, is one of the hosts with the largest number of access points. It is thus possible for you to locate you almost everywhere in the world.

Restricted content? No problem with a VPN

The advantage? With multiple entry points located all over the world, it is also possible to access any content regardless of the restrictions imposed by the country you are in, whether for a short or a longer duration.

The options of the NordVPN application are numerous and always well explained in French (and the application has a dark mode).

To circumvent the problem, nothing could be simpler. Whether you use the NordVPN site or app, accessing and activating your VPN is simple and intuitive. To do this, all you have to do is choose the access point you want to connect to on the world map, and the host takes care of the rest. Not only does your IP address change in seconds, but you also benefit from NordVPN’s in-house connection protocol: NordLynx.

NordVPN to the rescue of your online shopping

Are you planning to go see the country for the end of year celebrations? Do you know that from one country to another the price of transport tickets, accommodation or vehicle rentals can vary significantly, sometimes up to several hundred euros?

A trip to the US planned? Connect locally to check that you are benefiting from the best prices on your plane tickets. // Source Humanoid XP

Similar cases are also observed for the subscription to certain online services. Using a VPN allows you to precisely benchmark the price of many goods and services to choose the one that will cost you the least. A significant advantage in times of inflation.

For Black Friday, the price of two-year NordVPN subscriptions drop up to 68%

Speaking of choosing the best service at the best price… did you know that during Black Friday, NordVPN has some great deals at very reasonable rates? The host is indeed dropping the price of its two-year subscriptions by 68% for the most advantageous.

It offers three formulas at very attractive prices:

  • The essential : access to NordVPN servers, antivirus protection and a powerful ad blocker. He is currently at -63%;
  • the advanced : all essential services supplemented by a password manager and a vulnerability scanner. He is currently at -62%;
  • the Ultimate : full access to the services of the Advanced formula as well as 1 TB of storage in an encrypted cloud. He is currently at -68%.

Until November 30, l’Essentiel offers 3 months free at €2.99/month, i.e. 80.73 euros in two years. The Advanced meanwhile offers 3 months free at 3.99€/month i.e. 107.734 euros over two years. The Ultimate finally, announces 3 months free at 5.29€/month, i.e. 142.83 euros over two years. The latter is very advantageous if we take into account the storage in the Cloud of 1 TB. It is indeed rare for data hosts in the cloud to offer 1 TB of storage for less than 6 euros per month. If you add an excellent VPN and a powerful password manager on top of that, it’s a great deal.

Another advantage: if after two years your subscription, you do not extend it, it stops by itself. There will therefore be no unpleasant surprises at the end of your promotion period. If, on the other hand, you wish to continue using NordVPN, in one click, you can extend your subscription. Simple, fast and above all, well thought out.

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