Why is Elizabeth II followed by a medical examiner?


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On March 29, Elizabeth II was able to attend the tribute to Prince Philip. Proof that she can still fulfill her role as monarch, despite failing health.

Elizabeth II caused many scares to the British during the year 2021 and the beginning of the current one. The 95-year-old queen has suffered from numerous health issues. She was hospitalized in October 2021, after a moment of fatigue. She also experienced back problems and stiffness in her left leg.

Not to mention, that Elizabeth II had to deal with a covid-19 infection. Triple vaccinated, she only experienced a mild form of the disease. These serial troubles still left their mark on the queen. She had to ensure her commitments via videoconference during the last five months.

After a period of rest and withdrawal from public life, Elizabeth II managed to attend the tribute ceremony dedicated to her husband, Prince Philip who died on April 9, 2021. Even if she appeared tired and weak, moving with a cane and on the arm of her son Andrew, the Queen was present throughout the service which took place at Westminster Abbey.

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The disappearance of Elizabeth II programmed down to the smallest detail

Even if Buckingham Palace wishes to reassure on the state of health of the queen, we know that Elizabeth II benefits from a rigorous medical follow-up. She is monitored daily by a team of doctors.

At least fifteen specialists of all kinds ensure his state of health. The team in question is led by Dr. Huw Thomas, a gastroenterologist whose professionalism is recognized throughout the United Kingdom.

A forensic pathologist even joined the medical team to conduct the queen’s autopsy at the time of her death. While Elizabeth’s health is constantly monitored, her disappearance has also been planned. After 70 years of reign, if the queen were to disappear, a plan called “Operation London Bridge” would be triggered to manage a funeral protocol set to the millimeter and her estate.

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