why is Harry his real heir?


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On August 31, 1997, Lady Diana died in a car accident in Paris. A terrible loss for the royal family but also for the whole world. However, despite this tragic end, she left a precious legacy to her sons, and more specifically to Prince Harry.

Lady Diana marked a whole generation and remains unforgettable today. If her divorce from Prince Charles changed her life, she has remained among the most inspiring personalities of the past twenty years. His death on August 31, 1997, in a car accident in Paris, was a shock. She left admirers in mourning, but especially two sons, William and Harry.

If the two princes have had to face media mourning and constant pressure throughout their lives since the death of their mother, it is clear that Prince Harry, for example, has inherited the most inspiring values ​​that Lady Diana instilled in him during his lifetime. We explain to you how Prince Harry, now 36, became the worthy heir of the late Diana Spencer.


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Prince Harry is engaged in humanitarian missions

The Princess of Wales was known for her many humanitarian commitments. She also regularly took Harry and William on her missions. Lady Diana is involved in dozens of organizations related to health, education or animal welfare. She even campaigned in the fight against AIDS. For his part, Harry continues his mother’s commitments against injustices and inequalities. With Meghan Markle, he created the Archewell foundation and also works with orphanages to help children. All this without counting the association of disabled war veterans Walking With The Wounded and the Invictus Games, international multisport games for wounded and disabled soldiers, which he initiated.

Like Lady Diana, Prince Harry tries to protect himself from pressure from the royal family

If Prince Harry remembered anything about losing his mother as a child, it was the media pressure she was under all the time. This is a real trauma for this member of the royal family who, now married to Meghan Markle and father of two, wants to protect his family from this stifling whirlwind. In a statement published in October 2019, Prince Harry confided in his fears, referring to his deceased mother. “I lost my mother and now I see my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces”, he wrote, referring to the paparazzi who harassed the Princess of Wales. His withdrawal from the royal family in 2020 was often explained by the fear he had of losing control of his private life, like his mother at the time.

With Meghan Markle, Prince Harry breaks the codes of the royal family of England

We know Lady Diana to have broken the codes of the royal family of England, especially vis-à-vis her children. For example, the Princess of Wales decided to give birth in hospital, facts still rare at the time concerning the members of the royal family. She also made the choice to put Harry and William in school from kindergarten. The two brothers did not experience home schooling with a private teacher, like their predecessor. Harry and Meghan have also broken the codes. When their eldest son Archie was born, the lovebirds presented an unseen photo. It was Harry who carried the infant in his arms and not Meghan, as tradition dictates.

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