Why is Mickey the character that brings parents and children together?

A true icon for young (and old) children, Mickey has crossed generations since its creation over 90 years ago. With the The Adventures of Mickey and Friends (broadcast on Disney Junior), the most famous mouse continues to bring children into its world. But why are we so attached to this little character?

"It all started with a mouse"

If we love Mickey so much, it's because he's nothing more and nothing less than the emblem of the Disney house that rocked our childhood with his films like the magnificent Fantasia in which Mickey plays the sorcerer's apprentice. Walt Disney, its founder, has always been extremely attached to this character who made him famous throughout the world. " It all started with a mouse He liked to repeat. Helping our children discover THE favorite character of our youth, so it is in a way our Madeleine de Proust!

A little voice recognizable among a thousand

Did you know that Walt Disney himself lent his voice to the little mouse for almost 20 years? That famous little voice so endearing that we still find today in The Adventures of Mickey and Friends. It is all the more memorable when the little mouse makes its film debut in Steamboat Willie in 1928, it is neither more nor less than the 1st first sound cartoon ever to be released. One more reason to mark the history of cinema forever.

An eternal optimist and faithful friend

Mickey touches us because he is also an eternal optimist, a bit like Walt Disney to whom we owe the famous quote: " To achieve something truly extraordinary, start by dreaming it ". Faithful in love and friendship, the little mouse always shares the bill with her friends: the mischievous Donald but also Pluto, Goofy, Daisy and of course his eternal fiancée, the adorable Minnie. Your little ones will find them in The Adventures of Mickey and Friends, with the added bonus of Tic and Tac which will sow panic in Hot Dog Ville. In this new series, Mickey and his friends will take on a whole series of challenges whether they're looking for a unicorn, teaching kids to play baseball, or caring for a litter of mischievous kittens. The opportunity for the youngest to discover the importance of friendship and team spirit, all in joy and good humor.

A pop icon

With his big eyes that children love so much, Mickey was a very pioneer as evidenced by the world of manga, which today uses these graphic codes. Its round shapes symbolize the candor of childhood. A spirit that can still be found today in The Adventures of Mickey and Friends. It's funny to remember that to draw Mickey, the designers used a 25 cent coin for the head and two dimes for the ears! Since then, her silhouette has lent itself to multiple reinterpretations in the world of fashion and art with artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, and now street art stars. Thus, Mickey knew and still knows how to conquer the hearts of the little ones, without ever being forgotten by the adults.

A timeless character

Created in 1934, Le Journal de Mickey is the oldest newspaper dedicated to young people still in publication! It has accompanied millions of us in their first steps towards reading, and continues to sit on the bedside tables of aspiring readers. Mickey’s strength, whether on paper or on screen, is his ability to keep up with the times by keeping up with the news. For example, in The Adventures of Mickey and Friends, our little mouse 3.0 has many gadgets and a super lab in its garage, conducive to the craziest innovations.

Introducing Mickey to his children today

Faithful companion, loyal friend, always happy, Mickey is THE ideal character to accompany the little ones. Against a background of music and frenzied choreography, your children can find it in The Adventures of Mickey and Friends. Between Mickey's house, his mishmash lab and Daisy and Coucou Loulou's Volunteer office, your children will dive into new adventures conducive to sharing. At the end of each episode, Mickey Mouse fans can meet on the Hot Dog Dancing. The little ones will love our friend Mickey for sure!

The Adventures of Mickey and Friends, a series to be found every day from 5 p.m. on Disney Junior.

– Article produced in partnership with Disney Junior –